It used to be Zenboi but changed my mind lol

Youtube Link of the Reviews I did for the Cooler Master Cooler and the Rakk Hunit Case Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition: Rakk Hunit: (Done)

This has been my main rig since the beginning of 2018 and it has hold up for a year or 2 already with some little good upgrades. But now after giving my previous case to my Dad for our Internet Cafe Server, I decided to buy This Beautiful Case from a Company called Rakk Gears, The case is called Rakk Hunit and this case is complete of features which i need for my pc including type-c and easy removable dust filters. Then the CPU cooler which was the Segotep Halo 240 Water Cooler which i used to own back from the Zenboi build is replaced by a trust good black Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition due to the Watercooler hitting my CPU at 95C which is not safe for my CPU to live, The Hyper 212 did live up really good for a few weeks now with no problems and I'm happy about it with overclock to 3.8Ghz, I know it ain't enough but it was worth it since im pretty noob on overclocking(Can teach me in the comments how to overclock on b450-f using 1st Gen Ryzen 3 if u want :) ). And the Fans I used are just generic cheap-o fans and Segotep 120mm Blue Ring Fans that i salvage of to my water cooler for cooling my pc. And that wraps pretty much it, I'm glad that i finally finish of my year with a Beauty of a PC that I owned since the beggining, next decade would be a big change for me for better components for my pc so wish me luck :)

Part Reviews


It may be 1st gen but this CPU is still a Champ till this day Im Proud <3

CPU Cooler

Cools my CPU better than that Segotep Water Cooler #Aircooler4DW1N


Great Motherboard for OC and with lots of good 3rd Gen with USB 3 ports <3


may not be 3000mhz but overclocking might be worth it or just 2799mhz be worth it for my needs <3

Video Card

It may be old but this Card has given good use to me till this day since I only play games that are too demanding

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