I built this with a low-medium budget. It was to replace an everyday computer for basic office work, internet, etc.

The SSD is worth the money. Crazy fast boot/load times. It may be worth it to go slightly larger. I have mine already 50% filled just with OS and programs (including Steam games). Media is on the standard hard drive.

This case was budget. I needed to order a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter bracket because there were no 2.5" slots. This wasn't a problem and actually gives space around the SSD and hd which may increase airflow.

I added a blue LED light strip to the inside of the case. I ordered it online from eBay. It is powered by a 4-pin molex connector.

I plan to upgrade the RAM to 8GB soon, although it hasn't been needed yet.


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Nice blue light!

  • 57 months ago
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I think you might have wasted some money on that HDD, I have one with a TB of storage for less than that

  • 35 months ago
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Which one? The SSD or the WD one. I already had the WD one so it didn't cost me anything. Looks like you wasted money on your HDD then.