Oh boy was this computer on the back burner for a while. First off, there's a reason for why things are the why they are in this part list and I'll get to that, but I'd like to point out that I am a caregiver for a Family member and this eats most of my time and energy. I started the initial buying of parts back in July. I picked up the Ryzen 7 2700X and the Corsair Vengeance Ram at that time. I did get them during Prime day.

I know around this time Zen 2 was either out or around the corner, but I'm not one to really early adopt. I seriously was needing an upgrade and the 2700X still seemed like a decent choice. My dad jumped on board too, but get got the CPU and a Motherboard. Since we had the bare minimum between the two of us we were able to test all the parts as we attempted to get other components we needed.

Of course me not really having a job had to wait longer to get the rest of the parts on this list and order them as I went. It took me 5 more months from when I got the CPU and Ram to finish my list out. I can already hear, "Why did you get a X570 board when you could've gone with something like a B450 or X470?" Personally, I knew they were compatible with the Zen+ CPU's and that if I wanted to could throw something like a 3950X down the road into it.

Again, I know, It's overkill, but it was on sale and I got it for $300 so it was a good deal at the time I got it. A lot of this list change over the 5 months from what I originally planned on getting. I wanted to get Mydigitalssd BMX Pro M.2, both a 512 and 1TB, but they were constantly out of stock and the Adata one's I picked up were again on sale at the time so I got them instead. I wanted to go with the Fractal Design R6, but I saw the Phanteks Enthoo Pro for $90 and it had everything I was looking for like the Fractal Design Case.

The power supply I didn't buy, I had an 6 year old Corsair 750W PSU that died and I checked it's warranty and was good for 7. So I decided to RMA it and after 4 month of issues on Corsairs end they sent me the HX 1000i. It more then I needed and I didn't wait on the RMA to finish and replaced my current computer with an EVGA PSU instead. Good thing too, otherwise I wouldn't have had a computer for 4 months at that time. Yes, I bought an Blu-Ray and I know a lot of people my say, "Optical is dead", but I still like to have one in the off chance I need it.

The video card was probably the hardest choice and yes I did wait for the Super Cards for the 1660 to come out. I still waited a month and watched a ton of reviews. I wanted a high end video card, but then I realized it would just be a waste. I use a HDTV as my primary monitor and a old LG 29" Ultra-Wide monitor as my secondary. Refresh rate 60hz. I here more people saying, "OMG, UPGRADE ALREADY!" I don't play FPS game so high refresh rate monitors are wasted on me. I just want to play decent 1080p gaming and that's it. That's why I went with the GTX 1660 Super in the end. I got it $223 after tax.

I mean my current computer is using a GTX 1060 6GB card and it plays everything I throw at it. I don't do editing of any kind and I really wanted to give AMD a go since the last time I had anything AMD related was back around 2007. With Ryzen just having good feedback(for the most part) it felt like the right time. So that's basically it, my current computer will become a secondary computer that I will use for things like web browsing while my new computer will become my primary gaming machine.

My current computer is an I5-6600k and it has been a little lagging on some of my games(Mostly Roguetech) and I feel like it still a good machine, but I feel like the 2700X is going to handle games so much better. Oh, one thing that isn't on the list is my Creative Lab Sound Blaster Z sound Card which I will be moving over. Personally I know I could've done so much better or I should've waited, yada yada. Look, people are always going to have some sort of buyer remorse, but even if I could've done better I'm actually okay with how things turned out.

It's still looks nice. Oh, For those people who need disco balls or more in their computers, just don't. I know very well I could've put more RGB, but really I don't have an positive or negative about it, I only put in the two RGB fans because I got them for $8/each. Otherwise I would've just gone with plan old basic non-RGB Black fans. Look I did the whole RGB thing back in 2011, before it was really wide spread or the fade it is today. It was cool at the time, but it's just over-rated this day and age.

"But you have and RGB M.2." Yes, and it was the same price as the non-RGB counter-part, so I bought it. I regret buying it because turning on the RGB is bad and heats the drive up from 40 degrees C to 65. So if anything this is the one item I actually regret getting the RGB over the non-RGB. Enjoy the pictures, sorry my phone camera is kind of garbage. I can't afford a 1-2K phone like some people. I have a Samsung A20 and it does what I need it to do. I didn't get it for taking the best pictures.

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  • 1 month ago
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That is a sweet build m8. I hope it does you well. Also, Frohes neues Jahr! (Happy new year in German)

  • 1 month ago
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Could someone please explain why everything's free!?

  • 1 month ago
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Oh, are you talking about the prices being at zero? I threw the complete build together shortly after finishing. I plan on getting the actual prices as soon as I'm able. Sorry for the confusion. :P It all wasn't free and if you read what I wrote I did mention how much I got say the motherboard was and other stuff.