No clue what I was doing back then in 2012... Just went to the computer store and bought things here and there without really paying too much attention what I was getting...

This replaced my 1st gaming rig which was running since college back before Y2K. I can't even remember what I had in that build.

This thing runs like a monster still... No complaints!!

Oh, and apparently the memory isn't meant for the motherboard :( Whoops...

The speakers I've had since before college...that was well over 15 years ago. I wouldn't trade them for anything else lol...they are beasts.

I use it as my main computer to do anything and everything. My only issue with it that the motherboard has blue lights, which I am aware you can shut them off, and it doesn't match my red fan LED's. Oh well.

Running @ 4.2GHz Idle 30C Gaming + Streaming 40C Prime95 Blend Test 60C Prime95 Small FFTs Test 70C


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