I was a road warrior for work the last 20 years or so, which means I had exclusively used laptops for the past 20 years or so. Now that I am working from home and not traveling anymore I figured I would build a system that would not run the risk of being obsolete in a couple of years. This system will be my primary computer, it will also be utilized for batch processing of digitial photos and some late night gaming sessions.

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  • 78 months ago
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Nice pc, but damn is it ugly.

  • 78 months ago
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NG_Fright, I was going for a utilitarian look, not pretty. Sort of like the difference between a Sig Sauer P226 vs. Colt Gold Cup 1911. Both are used for the same purpose but one places function and utility over style.

  • 76 months ago
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Overkill case!

  • 75 months ago
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Room to add additional drives in the future. Plus I plan to keep this case to built at least my next 2 PCs.

  • 77 months ago
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I could do so much better with 3000$ check mine with only 2000$ maybe ur GPU is better but I think u should have looked after the shape a little bit

  • 77 months ago
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The difference in cost between yours and mine is the cost difference in the case, memory, optical drive, video card and LCD monitor.

I went with the Corsair 900D due to the number of drive bays and 3 native hot swappable bays. I do a lot of digital photography so this case will be filled with large hard drives in the future with many of my photographs. $200 price difference.

I have 32GB of 1866 RAM and you have 16GB of 1600 RAM. $120 difference.

I have a Blu-Ray burner and you have a DVD burner. $40 difference.

I bought an ASUS GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5 video card so that it would be future proof for quiet a few years. You purchased an ASUS Radeon R9 280X 3GB. I am not a fan of AMD and other than for use in bitcoin mining rigs, and have always had NVIDIA cards for my desktops and laptops. You did not list a price for your GPU, but they go for about $325. $350 price difference.

Lastly even tough we both have 27" monitors yours is a 1920 x 1080 and mine is a 2560 x 1440. $350 price difference.

For editing and batch processing of digital photos, video editing this rig works for me. When used for gaming a few times a month it is a very good experience.

All in all I was building a rig for my needs, not the lowest cost, or bang for my buck.