Let me start off by thanking the PCPP community for all the help and information over the past year, I can't thank you all enough for contributing to this website and helping newbies like me understand how to build a pc that isn't overpriced with good performance.

This is my first build ever after about a years worth of research and being indecisive I finally plunged and started my build, I wanted to have a decent rig that was able to edit 4k video, handle decent size sessions in Pro Tools and be able to do some gaming every now and then.

I was pretty nervous when I started this build but everything went fairly easy except for some rookie mistakes with a molex power cable for the pre-installed case fans. The cable management is decent I guess but I'm not completely satisfied with it just yet I'm sure I'll go back at some point and move some things around all in all though I'm pretty happy with it.

From what I've seen I think I have some decent temps but I'm not really sure I'm still learning that side of things along with benchmark results. All in all I'm very proud of this build and I'm deeply in love, if you have any tips or suggestions/questions please comment I'd love to get some opinions on this. Thanks!

Yes I know I could've waited for the new chipsets didn't have the time. (Sorry for the pictures not being the best used my phone)

Part Reviews


Decent case with good amount of space but a little pricey at $150 after tax off of amazon, biggest draw back was the brackets on the back it bulges out and you can't fit larger GPU's without removing some extremely awkward screws which is pretty annoying. Also the case fans are molex powered so ew.

Operating System

Actually found a legit license key on Ebay for $3.99 would highely recommend if you're in need of a cheap key. This is the seller if you're interested.


I actually found this on Craigslist from a guy in my area who was moving and didn't want to transported his 2 monitors so he was getting rid of it for a pretty good price so far the only draw back has been the 60 FPS limit but honestly for the light gaming/non-competitive FPS I do it's not really that big of a deal to me.


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