I use my rig only for gaming so I didn't go with a cpu that overclocks and I have no experience nor desire to overclock. I enjoy my build and building it was fun but also frustrating when stuff like my Bitfenix 200mm fan not fitting in the top 200mm spot in my case. I ended up having to take one side of the fan casing off so it could fit. I wouldn't really call this a problem but the Bitfenix fans holes never seemed to line up properly now i should have just bought NZXT fans and stuck with the same manufacturer but i wanted see through blue led lit but the mounting for the fan was poor i could only ever fine 2 holes that lined up at a time. I also would like to put in here if your thinking of getting this case and cooler the side 200mm fan will not work if you mount your radiator at the rear fan like i did the rad + 2 fans in push/pull is really deep into the case so much that i had trouble installing my new psu and putting in the cpu opt power. I've been using my computer for almost a month and i haven't had any problems it fulfills all my 1080p gaming needs and maybe later on ill see about getting into overclocking and all that fun stuff.I would like to point out my rig is not most cost efficient I bought an overkill motherboard for what i needed and the ram is so there is no need for me to get more in the future

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

I really like this cooler its not the smallest and easiest thing to fit into a case but it does work great and looks amazing and I love the rgb lighting on the waterblock. The Lines were pretty stiff and little frustrating for me because this was my first build so I was worried I would mess something up.

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  • 59 months ago
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Good Build, nice part selection. The only thing i can find fault with is the expensive ROG series motherboard since you got a non k cpu, but hey if you wanna upgrade to an i7k later on then you're golden!

Dont worry about that PSU it was a great choice, its a top tier PSU. Here's a link the tier list:

  • 59 months ago
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yeah i agree on the motherboard being overkill but i really liked the look and i had a friend that build a high end build and he loves it plus i am thinking to upgrade my cpu when 1080p gaming requires more then this.

  • 56 months ago
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Hey! Thanks for sharing your build with us. Now that Skylake is out do you plan on upgrading to 1151 or stay at 1150?

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  • 59 months ago
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  • 60 months ago
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I know my ram is shameful but I don't have the money for ram at the moment and the psu was only a temp fix since the one i bought from the store was defective and this was all they had left in stock so it will have to do for now

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