So I had my old HP PC with a GTX 750 ti in it. This was my old PC before I build my new one recently. So I figured, why not make use of all those old parts. So, I grabbed the PC, ripped out the CPU, GPU, PSU, RAM, HDD, and ODD. And I put a little less than 100$ into a new motherboard, new case, and a new CPU cooler. It took almost 3 hours to finish, and it went mostly smoothly. Cable management was probably the worst thing about this build as it is nearly impossible, but for a case this cheap what can you expect. The motherboard is really nice, It supports dual GPU's in crossfire and has plenty of SATA ports. But since I most likely will repurpose this PC for a HTPC, the dual GPU support and all the extra features aren't really neccesary, but sill nice to have incase I decide to upgrade.

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  • 13 months ago
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How's the system so far? Any clinks?