The cooler ordered originally was a Silverstone Argon SST-AR01, however it wasn't available anymore, so I got an Arctic Freezer A30 for the same price. Some other parts might've been better, but I took what was available in my little European region, so the prices are from a local shop.

The build went pretty well, but I took my time. Sticking the adhesive circle strips to spacers took a while. Removing a 24-pin is nearly impossible. The only issue I really had was that the PSU only had a single SATA power strip, which (without molex-to-sata adapters) was a bit of a pain when you count in a DVD drive.

The fans are set to be on the quieter side with the CPU fan spinning at 590 RPM at idle to get around 36C and ~975 RPM at load for 52C. Ambient was around 25C.

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  • 77 months ago
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I Really like your build, i love the 200r in budget builds, the only thing i could reccommend to improve on is getting dual channel RAM, but at the end of the day, great looking build!


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