A nice x99 rig that I cobbled together this February, with both the CPU and GPU overclocked. The CPU can clock to 4.6, but I soon found out that a cpu cache OC to 3500 mhz and a 4.5 ghz OC preformed the same, with much better temps and stability. The cpu is at 1.26v, because 1.21 was barely stable. Temps are the main issue with the H440 because of its bad airflow (the first edition of the case).

I had some reservations about the motherboard, since x99 wasn't exactly known for being the most stable platform on release, and with the dead cpu debacle, but so far, the board has not given me so much as a single peep (knock on wood).

The RAM is in dual channel, because it was bought at a time when RAM was still expensive, and these modules are hard to find another matching pair for. I upgraded to this from a knockoff x79 board with a bios locked multiplier of 43 and an i7 3820. (I did eventually find an msi X79a GD-45 plus, but the mosfet on the VRM blew out, rendering it dead). My main games are not actually that demanding, with most of my hours clocked in with warframe and TF2.

My justification is that both the board and cpu were bought as a combo on ebay for like $300, which wasn't a great deal, but meh. To fit in 2 m.2 drives, I needed an m.2 expansion card for my nvme drive. I actually decided to use the sata m.2 for OS and the nvme for games, while the other two drives are being used for games that are quite a bit larger, like GTA. Later on, I plan to get the E5-2699 v4 or 2696 v4 (whichever will be cheaper), when prices inevitably drop for virtualization, and go for quad channel.

Parts overview

  • i7 5930k

  • X99s Gaming 7

  • Palit GTX 980 sjs

  • 16 gb corsair vengance @3200 CL 16

  • EVGA Nex750b

  • h100i v2

  • 2 + 1 TB HDD's

  • 250 gb WD blue m.2 + 500 gb Samsung 970 evo plus

  • XF240h + AOC i2269vw

  • logitec 910 + G402 kb/mouse combo

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