This was my first desktop. By which I mean both my first time building a desktop in its entirety, and the first desktop I've owned. As such, it wasn't exactly easy. However, it's definitely worth it, seeing as how I'm literally going from a constantly overheating obsolete laptop to something that at least somewhat deserves the name "Awaken."

Part Reviews


The Esidisi to the Kars that is my GPU.

Video Card

Have you ever been in a situation where you've got something pretty fancy, but get a replacement that's so overwhelmingly incredible in comparison that you just feel the need to make your entire computer a JoJo reference? Because I have.

Power Supply

Fully modular, lengthy warranty, able to handle pretty much anything I do with the rest of the computer.


The mouse itself is very nice, but the software is somewhat bad. You can't sync the lighting with any other manufacturer's hardware, making macros is a bit buggy, and the previously mentioned lighting is pretty lacking in customization options. No adaptive lighting whatsoever.

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