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My White Dream!

by PotahProcessor91



Date Published

Dec. 17, 2016

Date Built

Nov. 26, 2016

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

19.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

40.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

28.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

44.0° C


I started learning how fun and exciting building a PC from ground up only a couple months ago. I bought this on Cyber Monday for under 2k and settled with mid-top tier instead of upgrading later on. I just wanted a "lag-free" quick and fun computer. This is the end results. This is my first build and I'd love to share it here to all of you! I'd like to get a Samsung M.2 2280 drive soon and really looking into some custom water cooled builds to show off with this beautiful case!

UPDATE: 12/27- Put 2 more sticks of RAM for a total of 32GB's Corsair Vengeance LPX! She's running great. also did a Heaven benchmark, added to photos.

Part Reviews


Can't say much more than what reviews cover. What a great first CPU to pick. Was gonna get the i5-6700(K) right until the day of ordering. Don't know what I'm missing but I know this is S-N-A-P-P-Y. No plans on OC, but before Black Friday it came with a combo/price I couldn't pass up.

CPU Cooler

The "loudest" part of the build when under load, which I don't mind at all. Keeps my core temps well in safe zone.(18-40C) At the highest during a quick test/bench I saw 70C for a second. And for $25 can't go wrong. Worth it before any sales or rebates.


Was referred by family to this, I was looking at Asus Z170 series. The 5050 LED kinda pulled me in, needed disk driver to load correct software and after that i got the LED's to work. Has plenty of ports for me. No quality issues. I bought for around $100. The utility software has to be loaded every time i boot up or else my LED's wont turn on, also in the LED DJ has an "Eco and Sport" button which default seems to dumb my CPU speeds down until I switch over to "sport" mode.(Eco= CPU VCore: 0.726 Core speed: 900MHz, Sport= CPU VCore: 1.298 Core Speed: 4000MHz) In Eco mode CPU temps stay at 23C and soon as I click sport, jumps up to 34C at idle. With that said i use sport in games and switch back when browsing. The board also has 2 BIOS with a switch for emergencies, I believe. Haven't had to use it but I think its for incase you mess one up, or to have it setup differently. In all its a great board.


RAM is RAM, but this is quick RAM. Not sure what DDR4-2133 would be like compared. But mostly i got because of the White sticks. Fit nicely. 16GB is almost minimum for optimal gaming I've heard. Choose 2 x 8GB, room for 2 more when needed. If needed. No lag yet. UPDATE: I bought another pair of these to make 4 x 8GB but still makes them 2 dual channel sticks. My computer reads over 32GB installed but I haven't learned enough about XMP profiles within the BIOS or manually setting clocks, so I mine as well of bought the 2133, until I switch things my DRAM Frequency is 1066.7MHz = DDR 2133 :/ to the books and knocking a star down, only due to motherboard defaults really but for $200 can get risky being ignorant.


Price was nice. Wanted to try an SSD but didn't want to spend over $100. Wish I got the Samsung. Speeds are not too impressive. Still faster than any HD. Loaded my OS on it, and takes 8 seconds from button to sign in. Takes my LED T.V. longer to turn on. Few main games on it, such as Battle.net. Doesn't start up too quick, almost a min. Also 240GB fills up pretty quick.


From what I've used. I Really like it. Just extra storage, 1TB is a lot of space, for me. Mostly for pictures and other games I cant find on SSD. I forgot it makes noise till I read other reviews. No noises heard from it nor do i notice any vibrations.

Video Card

I Really, Thoroughly enjoy this card. I've read good things from Asus, has one of the highest clocks in the 1070's, and its all white, sold! Now I can hook up as many monitors through displayports as I could ever need(2 + 2 HDMI), an still run in HD on high settings. I haven't tested its potential yet but do set all my games to max/Ultra settings and get 80-120 FPS with a G-Sync monitor. No complaints or regrets there. Also can run in SLI If I really wanted to push it. It fit in nicely, started right up, cranked them graphics and watched the monitor run o-so-smoothly! Advised to match with a decent CPU and G-Sync monitor to get great results!


The Thermaltake P3 SE without the riser! First its white, second its a builders dream. I loved how I could set up as a tower, lay it horizontally, or even throw it up on the wall! Also its really easy to swap or upgrade your parts inside once its together. When researching, I read a lot of bad things about the included GPU Riser, so I went without it for round $30 less, Worth. The manual was really confusing and took me about 5 hours with a friend just to figure out which were the right screws to start putting it together. In all I Enjoyed each step. it looks great and does anything I need. Wall mount is sold separately. Very sturdy Panoramic case.

Power Supply

For my PSU I grabbed a Refurbished Corsair CS650M semi modular. Its the first refurbished piece I've bought and it fired first try. Runs everything fine and first month no issues. Not loud at all either.

Operating System

Easy to use, but why so pricey?


I waited till the end to make sure I had enough and went with the Asus ROG SWIFT 24" 180Hz G-Sync monitor. That's a mouthful. And worth the wait (of saving and researching, it was delivered within 2 days of ordering.) Going from my 32" 720P 60Hz its amazing. now I use my other T.V. as a hardware monitor/ web surfing and this beast as my main gaming screen. I got it for $299 on Cyber Monday and was soo afraid it either wasn't going on sale or be sold out. It arrived in 2 days and works swiftly at 120FPS at ultra settings. -Note: claims to be 180 Hz than in small print "Can be overclocked to 180Hz" its actually a 144Hz, just keep that in mind. And to turn it up to 180Hz, locate the little nub on the back next to the power button, press it and tune it where you'd like! Worth buying when on Sale! Not the $700 price.


Very clicky, kind of noisy. Lights are really neat. My Z button doesn't shine, every other key does. The 5 M keys on left are nice to have as well. Also can charge your phone or plug headphones into right side. Great cheap mechanical keyboard.


Came with a combo, really happy with the choice as I didn't look into mice at all. DPI switches in middle of mouse are great to have, 12,000 DPI is Crazy high, and each setting is color coded with light in middle, Nice touch I like it a lot. not many extra buttons other than that are page forward and back and some sniper button that has to be either programmed as something or I haven't figured what it does.


Cheap, Hurts my ears. Only bought so I could use TS right off. Better ones soon.

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eaglesomme 4 points 19 months ago

I would mount your power supply the other way around so it draws cool air from below your case, other than that this is a really nice build.

PotahProcessor91 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 19 months ago

Isnt the PSU drawing from below? And thank you!

Bouowmx 2 Builds 3 points 19 months ago

Intel Core i7-6700K is new? It is 16 months old. Granted though, CPU performance hasn't dramatically changed in the past few years.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 is best short-term value Nvidia GPU (FLOPS/USD including electricity cost) but thinking of SLI? Now or never. Try 2 older Nvidia GeForce GTX *70 SLI.

PotahProcessor91 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 19 months ago

Corrected, it isn't that new I ment the latest generation CPU(at the time of intel, Kabylake wasn't out). What you mean now or never with SLI? Would it not be Ideal to throw another clone of that card in next year or sometime in the near future? Also thank you for your input I appreciate you checking it out.

Bouowmx 2 Builds 2 points 19 months ago

2 Nvidia GeForce GTX 570, 770, or 970 SLI now is un-ideal at best. Single 1070 is superior and consumes much less power. Better to sell old GPUs to pay for new ones.

Now, 2 1070 SLI in well-supported applications can exceed TITAN X Pascal performance (reviews available in Internet). Since it is the latest architecture, power consumption is competitive.

With all this, I consider Nvidia SLI now or never.

MagicLoogie 2 points 19 months ago

Love the white!

Also, to overclock the monitor go into the settings with the small joystick-like button the back right side of the monitor and select the overclock option. Then you have the option for like 144, 160, 170 and 180. I've got mine at 170 and love it!

avgjoeywong 1 point 18 months ago

Nice color build man. Hmmm, Bestbuy monitor ... lol. Is that the sweet spot for that monitor? How are your settings? Colors are awfully bad for me as I overclock higher and higher. That checkerboard screen effect gets more pronounced! Arghhh.

MagicLoogie 1 point 18 months ago

Yea as you overclock higher the colors get a bit worse but im not too particular when it comes to colors as I prefer more frames in games. I might try the 180hz setting soon to see what the differences are but I have enjoyed it at 170 so far.

I am not home but when I get back I will check my settings. there were a few sources online that I linked below that helped me improve them a bit.



MagicLoogie 1 point 18 months ago

Sorry about the delay. I use the setting from the pcmonitors.info link. no complaints so far. im sure the colors could be better with some more tweaking but oh well. keeping it at the 170hz setting though.

I have not had any issues with screen effects or anything like that.

RustyRedbeard 1 Build 2 points 16 months ago

+1 for two thumbs up and a big grin XD

PotahProcessor91 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 16 months ago

I appreciate the comments! I ended up going with the 360mm Rad instead of the 420mm I been wondering about, The Black Ice Nemesis GTS 360 :) Its one of the most restrictive radiators but it was white. Worth :) It looks like the 420 would of had overhang, would of worked but this'll do too!

luckydonkey 1 point 18 months ago

Nice build, I am gonna build similar pc to yours on base of 6700k and gtx 1070 for just a little bit of moderate gaming on microsoft flight simulator.


I have already bought WD 1TB Blue HDD, so don't be shocked.

I am mainly concerned about motherboard and psu, would you recommend me to change it or it is all right? Сould you comment?

P.S. Sorry for being completely newbie, trying to learn a thing or two.

PotahProcessor91 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 18 months ago

@luckydonkey I am happy to help with anything I can, no worries for being new you gotta start somewhere, and with the parts you've picked above, I believe you'll be quite impressed. Those are some great parts, You've got plenty of power for those parts, I have a Corsair CS650M PSU and is enough. That Asus Z170-A motherboard is a beast, Its the A series meaning it'll have most the bells and whistles and many ports. If your looking into overclocking at all which all your parts are fully capable of, than I'd definitely suggest a water cooler. But for daily tasks and some gaming, I really like my Hyper 212 EVO, really cheap and under load temps stay under 60C. Asus has other Z170 motherboards that will be cheaper but have less ports. ex: z170-E is around $100. But As is those are great parts you'll be happy with!

luckydonkey 1 point 18 months ago

Thanks for your advice. I'll take into consideration.

How about me changing a psu on more quality one, but with less watts, corsair ram 550.Note, that I wont be using sli or two&more graphics card.

What cpu case could you recommend under or 100$ with some fans installed and good ventilation? I would ideally want it to be with plenty of space just for newbie like me to make it easier.... You can advice couple of models.

[comment deleted by staff]