This is my 4th and final build for a while, I burned heavy on the PC building this year and made many of my dreams into reality and some of my realities into dreams.

The Alienware Alpha on paper sounds great, upgrade any major part; HDD/SSD,RAM,CPU everything but the custom GPU. the form factor is slick&compact, it oozes sex appeal. BUT that GPU as great as it is with its Maxwell architecture basis is not good enough for long term upgrades and the poor reviews of the SteamOS lead me to dip my toes in to Windows10 for DX12.

What did intrigue me is the heart of the beast and what potential it could hold for gaming the Intel i5 4590t .

The rest of build were spare parts I had from other builds/upgrades or good deals on Craigslist, like the 960. It plays Ark: Survival Evolved smoothly. Hardware wise the goal was to match the Alpha closely in size and power but allow maximum flexabilty for upgrading. It will be part htpc, part streaming, part gaming box. I will post 3D Mark score when I get a chance. Thanks for looking and Build on!


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That is a hell of a build for $500.