I've wanted to build a PC for years now and last winter the opportunity struck. The main use for this system is for 3D CAD and video editing with some casual gaming thrown into the mix. I haven't over clocked yet as i want to make sure I have a smooth running system first but i plan on doing so in the near future. as far as parts go...

I wanted the latest series out to future proof the rig, I cant build another one anytime soon so i dont want my hardware to become obsolete too quickly.

Cooler: only liquid cooler that would fit into the case (more on that later)

mother board: wanted something that can allow for expansion later on if needed. if i decide to move to a a 5930 or 5960 i wanted something that can handle them and not bottleneck the system.

Ram: was one of the better deals for price/GB and 16gb is enough to handle the CAD work I'm doing right now although i may upgrade to 32 when the price of DDR4 drops some

Storage: 2tb WD black for my media files and a 250Gb ssd for the programs and OS

GPU: went a little overkill for what i needed but just because i game casually doesn't mean I don't want good performance.

Case: This can go burn for all i care. worst decision of the system, bought it because I THOUGHT it looked cool and all cases were pretty much the same, i was wrong, cable management was a nightmare, front audio cables don't even reach the motherboard, tight fit for all the fans. its has more Cons than Pros.

PSU: something strong and reliable and can handle an extra graphics card if i decide to do SLI

Optical: unfortunately i still need to use disks, and i like watching blu-rays :\

OS: windows 8.1 because i'm one of the few people who like it over windows 7

Keyboard: nothing fancy, just had laying around and wasn't bought for the build (that's why price is 0)

Mouse: same situation and keyboard

Headphones: i have this for audio mixing and they are fantastic and even great for casual listening (didn't buy specifically for the build)

Monitors: yes i'm using TV's, I personally cant tell the difference of anything higher than 1080 (until its up to 4k but i cant afford them) or a faster refresh rate than 60Hz so these work for me. i've been using one since October on my laptop and loved it so i brought them over to this build. The 3 are setup using Nvidia surround.

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  • 61 months ago
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Awesome build! Very neat and clean. I still add optical drives to my builds to put CDs into the computer, although I download the music to flash drive for listening in the car. I still have several hundred CDs to import.

  • 61 months ago
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I like the moniter with the background cool man really cool

  • 61 months ago
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How do you like the k360? I am typing on my mine right now, and it is one of my favorite keyboards I have had. Such a nice feel, and I can type super fast on it. Other than that, this is such a nice build for CAD and editing, definitely not overkill, those 6 core sure will come in handy!

  • 61 months ago
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I'm used to it now so i can type well on it. only down side is I'm slower at typing on my laptop now but this build was mostly to alleviate the work load from that and reduce it to school work. And it was over kill because I could of gone with cheaper setup and do just fine but I then i figured go big or go home and it should pay itself of in a couple months.

  • 61 months ago
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We use laptops at our school, and I definitely miss my K360 when I type on these keyboards. They are lenovo thinkpads, x140e's to be exact. They have an a4-5000 apu with 4 gigs of ram and an 11.6 inch screen. For around 300 bucks their not too bad of laptops. This rig should definitely pay for itself someday in the near future!