My first build ever. I'll post pictures soon of it now (with lackluster cable management) and again when I get it cleaned up.

I will be expanding the RAM out another 16GB of DDR3 @1866 and will also most likely upgrade the video card to run SLI since the board can handle it. It was built specifically for handling audio so its not a "gaming" rig although in it's current state I can run anything out there on the market on high settings with decent results: Hawken, Planetside 2, Assassins Creed 3, Hitman Absolution, Civ 5, and directx11 stuff looks amazing.

The CPU cooler was probably the biggest problem child of the bunch. The odd bracketing and general bulkiness made it a 2 person job, but once it got put on it was fine.

I haven't played around with overclocking yet because even with only 16GB of RAM I'm able to get loads of tracks into Ableton live and put gobs and gobs of cpu intensive plugins on the multi tracks and master track and only use about 15% of my processing power. I wanted a system where if I wanted to I could put reverb on every track and have it beg for more and that's exactly what I got with this and then some.

I also loaded up Mountain Lion OS on my SSD with 6GB dedicated RAM so I'm using both Win 7 with 10GB and Mac with 6GB and its playing nicely with both.

Very happy with the build. Windows experience is listed at 7.6 out of 7.9 and haven't had any problems yet!

I'll put up all the little side information when I get off work and in front of it :-)


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