I've had a BB box for way too long, finally growing tired of its age and lack of expandability. After months of piecing together parts here and pricing, I decided to go with the Anniversary combo. The majority of the parts were from Newegg; with the exception of the Seagate 160gb (it was an 80 at first, but the edit function won't allow me to change it-put in just for easy file transfer), the video card was taken from my old BB box (which was doing it no justice), and an optical drive-which is apparently too old to be found on PCPP's lists. Prices listed reflect cost after rebates and without shipping (which wasn't much).

Most of the use it for everyday surfing, pics, videos, watching movies, and some gaming. The cooler may be a little bit of overkill, but I decided to play it "better safe, than sorry" (and my BB box needed a new cooler anyway-it got the stock on that came with the G3258-so two birds with one stone).

So far, no issues. OC'd at 4.2 with the easy button. Wasn't looking to go too crazy with this build, just a modest little budget pc.

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  • 58 months ago
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Planning on doing my first build too :D