After a long consideration period, I decided to build an ITX machine, again, this PC has no purpose, but I will figure something out eventually. As of right now, it’s sitting on my desk under a shelf used as a streaming machine.

There are a lot of wrong choices here if you want to build it new, let me explain: 1. Instead of doing the 1200 & the 1030 combinations, you can just purchase the 2200G, I compared the graphics performance between the 1030 and the Vega 8 in the 2200G, and found out that they are about the same performance wise, yet 2200G is also a slightly better processor than the 1200. The main reason for me to choose my combination, is that I already have the 1030, and the 1200 is 30 bucks cheaper than the 2200G.

  1. The memory modules were also on hand, I got the pair from my initial Ventus setup, which are fine for the 1200, but you definitely want the higher clocked ones if you are buying the 2200G. IF, IF you are building one like mine, I feel like a single stick of 8GB would not affect the 1200 on performance that much, and depends on the market, single sticks can be cheaper.

  2. When I was choosing the case, I wasn’t paying attention on how the expansion was laid out, with that said, even if I knew, I would still buy it. Here’s the thing, with all the wires that’re going above the board, don’t even think about using anything at the top expansion. I couldn’t even fit a 120mm fan there. Therefore, you are stuck with a low profile graphics card/expansion card with the height not over a shield-removed EVGA GT 1030 SC.

  3. Relate to #3, you might want to use a modular power supply, even though Linus mentioned to not, I still suggest it.

  4. The case’s SSD bay is always in the way unless you use a modular power supply, in my build I used an NVMe storage to overcome this problem, and removed it from the build.

Of course, being who I am, my builds can never have a sucessful boot without some trouble. This time, 3 exactly.

  1. The power cable was loose, and by loose, I mean, it's not in there most of the time, not by me either, I sometimes wonder if that power cable was even designed for a power supply.
  2. One of the memory modules was not fully in, which was my fault.
  3. Apparently, I could only install Windows when the SSD is not formatted, once formatted, Windows Setup will prompt me with errors saying there are missing files. Honestly, I have no idea why this is happening.

How did I came up with the name? Well, since I'm so terrible at naming, I asked a friend of mine, and this was her quote:

"Stormy? It looks a storm on a beach with the brown on the fan, the blue light, & then colors on the keyboard are the dark clouds?"

Stormy it is, better than what I came up, which you DO NOT want to know.

I'll have some pictures up soon.

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