This is my first AMD Build so please forgive me if i state anything that is incorrect. | Background info:

I chose these parts Because as you can see from the CPU i had gotten it for 5$ and it was new. i picked the MSI B450 Tomahawk as it had all the requirements and it was recommended. i chose Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB DDR4-3000 as Ryzen like fast memory and it was in my price range. All the HDD's are place holders for my real drivers. i picked the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 Ti as it was in my price rage(i know i paid more i had bought it from Nvidia). i picked NZXT H500 because it was tempered glass and looked good and was also in my price range. i had this PSU in my other intel build(i5-3500K/Asrock z77 Extreme 4/Evga 660 Ti) and i couldn't afford a new PSU(i will need to buy a modular PSU as i plan on putting the non-modular PSU back in the intel build.

| The Problems: I have a medical condition which causing me to shake(Tremor) so trying to put the CPU in the socket wile shaking was an undertaking, but i manged to do it, than i dropped the CPU cooler and bent the screws up i bent them back and was able to put the cooler on the CPU. putting the MSI B450 Tomahawk in the Case was hard as the rear exhaust fan was in the way, i unscrewed the fan and moved it out of the way and was able to put the motherboard in than i put the fan back screw it in. the front panel connector on the motherboard i was unable to locate it and the USB 3.0 was giving me a heck of a time as i couldn't tell if it was in or not but it all works!. than came the PSU it weights like 20 or so pounds, + the wires sense its non-modular all cables are in it and i can't change it so i had to do my best to try and mode them out of the way, than the 8 pin CPU power was really hard to put it in i manged to get it in. Than the GPU temp i added and moved a fan so i hope this helps.

| the Cons:

1: The PSU, its not modular its very heavy.

2: GPU temps, i am going to have to add more fans/get an AIO.

| the pros:

1: This case is good at hiding the other PSU wires.

2: This case i thank looks good.

3: i over paid on the GPU(i had got it in December 21, 2017)

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Update: I added a M.2 MVME Drive(Samsung 970 Evo Plus 250GB) and am using it for my OS and (one) of my games. (i did this some time ago but i couldn't find a way to edit the part list when i got it so i didn't bother updating until now)