Another Commission and this one is a huge fan of the Vanquish series from Platinum Games. Dan is a huge cosplayer and he came with me knowing what case was the center piece. Specifically the Torque case from Antek given how close it looks like the helmet from the main character from the game. Given he will use this PC for 3d Rendering it felt like AMD was the obvious choice. The rest of the build he really wanted to have the room to upgrade later, and his plan is at some point for me to do a full custom loop (when he gets his final graphics card).

Overall, really enjoyed this build and the case was fun. Like the Cougar Conquer it was important to figure out how to keep the backside clean and really keep anything from distracting from the lines in the case. Final coloring was green and white, sorry the pictures were before the final theming.

What did you think?

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  • 17 days ago
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Nice, it looks like some kind of mech lol like from Titanfall. Its too bad in my place this case would fill up with dust in like 2 weeks lol. Its also pretty expensive at almost $400 for a PC case, better to use that money on more important components.