This is what happens when someone builds a pc after having a pre-built for so many years! Only items that are from the prebuild are the memory and the 2Tb hhd. Some days it's rainbow puke but most days it's got a specific color scheme going!

Load temps are done by CPU-Z stress and gpu is done with 3DMark's Time Spy stress test.

Part Reviews


No issues here, it is memory, it does the job


Honestly worth it! Speeds are amazing and with an estimated lifespan of 800TBW, why not?!


It holds data, nothing more nothing less.


It's a case with RGB, only gripe I have with it is the lack of air flow in the front but that is "fixed" by taking out the glass piece from the front case panel, only now is there is now an open spot for all sorts of what not to easily find its way into the case, a fair trade off imo for much lower temps. Also cable management is hell! I'm nowhere near good at it anyway but with a little extra space on the back panel would have allow even me to do a better job! In the end she's still an amazing case for almost any build!

Power Supply

It does the job it's meant to do! Gives enough juice to the pc, even fully modular! No extra cables hanging around in the case!

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GPU seems a bit hot, other than that +1

Also, I'd recommend a new monitor to fuly utilize your 2080Ti

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