This is the 4th revision of this cases' 3rd upgrade. We'll see how long I keep this system before I upgrade again with the new AMD cpu's and chipset coming out. I do like Intel but for my needs it is a bit more expensive, which turned out to be kind of a stupid excuse since I've spent another 5 or 6 thousand on this upgrade. lol This build is used for high res gaming, software development and testing and for my Dad to use to keep up with his old work (system engineer and coding). This one is also my home server.

I've had this build for some time now, but a buddy told me to set up an account here on pcpartpicker so here I am.

This build starts with a FX 8350 oc to 4.8ghz on a EK supremecy evo red edition cpu block (lit by two 3mm leds), socketed into a Asus ROG Crosshair V Formula Z mobo, and Corsair vengeance pro 16gb 1866mhz.

Two EVGA GTX 970FTW acx gpu's in SLI with custom bios and voltage mods, water cooled by two EK FC970gtx acx (nickel-acetal) water blocks with black back plates on each card. The SLi bridge is a EVGA pro sli bridge v2, modified for a led strip to light it up and the outer rim has been wrapped in di-noc carbon fiber).

For storage i have 2 Crucial M4's for games, a Samsung 850 evo for dual boot operating systems (Win7 and Win10) and various other software, a WD caviar black 750gb and WD Cavair blue 1tb for file storage.

Edit: Dual boot would not work on the same drive for some reason so I have Win7 Ultimate on my Samsung Evo ssd and Win10 Pro on one of my Crucial M4's. Win7 games will be on the EVO and WD Black. Win10 games will be on the other M4 ssd. Random storage for both OS's will be on the 1tb.

Powered up by a EVGA 850b2 psu and power distribution is aided by three 12v power terminals. 5 terminals are for the fans off my NZXT fan controller, the rest are for various items (led strips, power to pump(s), other fans). All cables are custom sleeved in Mod/Smart ​Kobra High​ Density S​ingle Brai​d Sleeving​ 1/8in, in black and red. Some cables are extensions (cpu power, 24 pin power, X4 gpu power) and are single sleeved as well. Sata cables, and sata power cables are single sleeved.

Custom watercooling is one hell of a long list, both 240 and 360 rads are EK PE rads, with Corsair SP 120's mounted on them, Coolermaster sickle flow 120's exhausting out the top (push pull with X3 Corsair sp 120's) of the Koolance 360 shroud I modded and mounted onto the top of the case. Three Aerocool shark 140's bringing air into the hard drive cage and main chamber. Tubing is Primoflex advanced LRT in both 3/8-5/8 and 1/2-3/4 variety, with Monsoon free center compression fittings, and various Bitspower adapters. This system also houses 2 pumps and 2 reservoirs, 1st one being a EK xres 140 ddc 3.2 pwm elite res/pump combo and 2nd is a Switftech MCP50X paired under a EK resX3 250ml reservoir. One is hidden and the other is in plane sight.

Modifications to the case started with gutting the bottom hard drive cage and cutting the 240 template for the radiator, I also cut out the three 120m fan grills off the top of the case and mounted a Koolance 360 shroud to allow for push pull fans on the rad. I also cut out a 120mm port on each side panel, one to allow fresh air into the hard drive cage, and another to exhaust from the other side, those two holes and the three on top of the case have skull grills from MNPCtech.

Lighting the case is a NZXT Hue+ and an additional 2 led strips on top of the 4 that come with the unit. The extra unit and 2 strips are going into my sons build.

Peripherals I have for this system are a Logitech G910 rgb mechanical keyboard, a Razer Firefly rgb mousepad, a EVGA torq X10 mouse, Logitech Z506 155 watt 5.1ch speakers X2 sets paired for bad *** surround, and a Samsung 32​" 1080p (U​N32J5003AF​XZA ) monitor. I would like to get 2 more of these monitors but I'd rather go for a 4K monitor next.

Let me know what you think, and what hardware do you think I should go with next. Don't just say the 5960x or 980ti's or the 390's....tell me why and what would you use it for. Most people just go for the highest dollar hardware but never use it to it's full potential ya know.


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