So I'm a 36 year old mom. My son has been asking for a gaming computer for 2 years now. I started seriously considering it about 4 months ago. I started doing research and then I saw a deal on for the G.Skill Ripjaws for $29.99. I decided to go for it. After that, I started researching like crazy, watching YouTube video after YouTube video. The pricing is close, but I think I spent slightly less. I built this myself and I think it's pretty amazing. I'm very happy.

I had a hard time choosing AMD over Intel. I was at first going for inexpensive. Then I started wanted the best of the best. I decided to do the best I could and just get the best of the best at my budget. I didn't want to spend over $600 and if I didn't have to buy stupid Windows 10, I probably would have come really close. I also thought I had a free keyboard coming to me, but it was busted. Anyway, I'm happy with this budget build. I laugh when I read that again. Budget build. Uh huh.

Back to the build!

CPU I went to Micro Center to discuss my build and buy the CPU. I had gone there to purchase the FX 8350. I asked him if I should just go ahead and get the i5 (I think I was looking at 4490). He said that the FX 8320 was more than enough for what I needed AND it was way more affordable. They were having a deal on bundle purchases, so I got the CPU and motherboard for just under $200.

Motherboard I chose the MSI 970 Gaming board because I had heard the BIOS was easy to follow and it looked really cool. Not gonna lie. I liked how it looked ;) I didn't want to get something crazy expensive, but I didn't want crap either. I told the guy at Micro Center that this was the board I really liked. He said it was a good one. I went for it. I like it. I like it a lot.

Memory It was on sale. I wanted 8GB. It looks really cool.

Storage I debated for a loooong time about my hard drive. I wanted to get a 120GB SSD for my OS and 1TB hdd for my games, etc. I missed the sale I had been eyeing on the SSD and I decided that I'd just go with the 1 hdd. I am disappointed but maybe I'll get a bigger drive in the future. I got the Seagate hybrid because it was on sale (see a theme?) and because it came with a free game. I know it's dumb. The game is old and we'll probably never play it, but I read this drive was supposedly faster. I also had a gift card for Newegg, so I bit the bullet.

Video Card So I chose this pretty easily. There are too many video cards out there. It's just too much to research. I don't know where I found it. I don't know how I got fixated on it, but I wanted the MSI R9 380 4GB. I thought it looked awesome with the back plate. I saw really good reviews. I went for it. So far, I'm happy.

Case Of all things, this took me the longest to choose. My main concern with this build was ease. Everything I got was to make this as easy a build as possible. I wanted a case with good cable management BUT I did not want to spend a ton on it. I also wanted it to look cool. I thought I got the one with blue led fans, but they're white. I'll get some different fans in the waaay future. For now, they're staying white. Cable management was a bit difficult. I had some trouble with a few connectors, but I got it in there nicely. I'm really happy with my cable management. I don't have a picture of it now, but I will get one soon to post. I'm pretty proud ;)

PSU It was on sale. I wanted a modular one because I read they were easier to use. Although, one article said they were more difficult! I went with 600W just in case.

OS I hated buying Windows 10! I'm not fond of it, but what am I gonna do?

Optical Drive I wanted a Blu-Ray burner, but I didn't want to spend $50-$70 on it right now. Maybe in the future. I can see my kids using this from time to time to watch movies.

Keyboard and Mouse It was on sale!

So that's my build. Thank you community! You helped me with this build sooooo much!!

Not bad for a mom, eh?


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+1 Thats cool , my mom barely knows how to use her iphone 5.

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Hahaha. Thanks!

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did you make a youtube video of this because i think i seen it also i =ts scary how simmalr my build is

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Hi there,

I did make a video. It was my first time making a video like that, which unfortunately is kinda obvious ;) It was a lot of fun though. I'm really happy with my build. Do you have any second thoughts about yours?

Thanks for contacting me!

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