Just finished building this machine a couple of hours ago, it was my first build and designed for gaming and everyday purposes. Everything has been running very smoothly and the fans keep it really cool. The pictures look very messy I know, but I've done as much as I could to improve cable management and increase ventilation, but some of the PSU cables were slightly short for convenient placing.

The graphics card even comes with three free games! Far Cry 3, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman Absolution!

I've still yet to test its overclocking abilities and tweak the settings, but instinct tells me so far that it's going to be good!

Downsides so far: - Noisy optical drive only when running - Pain in the *** cable management even with modular - Had to fix many driver issues - GPU is HUGE! took up the full width with barely a few mm left

Build Time: ~7 hours

The price may fluctuate when you see this build, but at the time it cost me £797 which is pretty good I think :)


  • 84 months ago
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Congrats on your first build!

  • 84 months ago
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Thank you very much!

I'm having more trouble setting up the software now than I did with building the actual pc, lol!

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Nice build, very similar to what I'm looking to build. Maybe you could add an SSD in the future.