First PC build. Used for gaming, coding, and other standard use.

Coming into this project, I knew next to nothing about PCs. Went straight to mini ITX for aesthetics, even with the possibility of cable management/assembly issues. Assembly had no problems - Metallic Gear case is great. Cable management, however, became a nightmare once all the extra hubs were added for the fans (RGB hub, Lighting Node Pro, 1-to-8 PWM Fan Hub).

Functional build went smoothly, the worst parts were adding fans and RGB. I fried the case RGB by plugging in the connector the wrong way, and my motherboard only has 2 fan connectors. I ended up needing to buy extra parts way after finishing the actual "build".

Assembled parts over a few months, built the PC, then kept slowly accumulating more parts and peripherals. Still learning a lot about what's good and bad, right and wrong, but it works and I made it, so I'm happy!

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  • 1 month ago
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Nice and clean build! It should be too much airflow in the case. Do you think GPU would fit in if i use 280mm AIO rads in front ?