Used for racing games in my simulator rig.

I wanted to put together a solid mid-range PC to run racing games at 1080p/100+FPS in a SFF case to fit in a compact space. After upgrading my main PC, I had a spare GTX 1660ti left over to build around.

Great performance/dollar for its very specific use-case (especially after taking advantage of many holiday deals). I initially built it with the stock CPU cooler and no additional case fans, but the GPU was close to the thermal limit during prolonged load, and the stock CPU cooler was very loud when put under stress.

The addition of the case fan in the GPU chamber and lifting the case up off the shelf a bit lowered GPU temps by 15-20 degrees under load. The Noctua CPU cooler actually didn't drop temperatures that much under load, but is much quieter (eg. near-silent) for equal-slightly better cooling performance compared to the box cooler.

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