The build went really well. The thermaltake core x5 was super easy to build in. I'm using an old 1080p 60Hz monitor, but plan on purchasing a 2k 144Hz in the near future to take advantage of the 1080. I want to add some more fans and some custom plexiglass to help hide the cabling better, although it came out cleaner than I expected given how few places there are to hide the cabling.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Keeps my CPU nice and cold. Installation was a breeze with the bracket setup it uses. It covers up the first RAM slot, but I only have 2 sticks and don't use it. Definitely check clearance with RAM though if you plan on using 4 slots or if your motherboard wants you to use the first slot.


A little pricier, but it has the onboard wifi which works great and would have cost extra to add a wifi card (and it wouldn't look as good). The BIOS was easy to navigate.


It's RAM, it works and it looks good. OC'd to 3000.


Definitely recommend. The horizontal motherboard layout is awesome, I think it looks great (personal preference) and there is way less stress on the motherboard from the GPU and CPU cooler. It was super easy to build in with the removable motherboard tray and all side panels removed. Isn't the best for hiding your cables with so much open space, but it came out cleaner than I expected.


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That case has a lot of wasted space but overall the build looks nice

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