mainly youtube video editing and minecraft tell me if i should change anything

also amazon has this video card for 110$ and 10 off rebate card as well so 99$ after everything sound card im not using yet unless i need it i just bought it for the hell of it

cpu i have overclocked to 3.9-4.0 ghz using asrock board software to overclock it.

can only do that using those specific asrock boards

monitors i already have 3 of the asus 21 in monitors and my own keyboard and mouse

be careful when buying the tower tho if you have the 212 hyper evo cause the case comes with 5 fans attached already 1 being on the main side panel and it doesnt fit you have to take the fan off or use the stock fan it came with

bestbuy has windows 8 for 69$ right now 64/32 bit plan on upgrading the video card but for now just editing videos it works perfect and has crystal clear images

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  • 86 months ago
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also a comment i dont recommend getting the hyper 212 cooler with this case as the case comes with 5 fans 1 being on the main side panel and it doesnt fit on the case with the cooler sticking out also didnt buy monitor and keyboard already have 3 21 inch asus monitors and logitech keyboard

bestbuy has windows 8 64/32 bit for 69$ right now graphics card will be upgraded in the future but for now i dont play many online games at all only video editing and this card works amazing

  • 84 months ago
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I thought this wasn't a processor that was meant to be over clocked? Good job though. I used the same processor. Might overclock in the future! :D