Cooler Master HAF XB EVO (Black) Mid-Tower Case *Front Audio & USB NO PSU $222.00

Built date is an estimate.

using 14.3 V1 drivers FurMark_1.13.0: 2560x1440 Anti-aliasing off Settings : Burn in, Dynamic background min:34 max:44 avg:38 max tempt 74° C



pics 14O fans total for both was 39.00.

The primary use is for gaming. So far game that I have tried works very well (about 40+ FRAPS on 1440 max settings ) if I completely turn off MASA.

I had a capability issue with the cooler master hyper 2 evo and the BitFenix fan (thought there was enough clearance. Realized that the 120mm fan was the wrong one when it was installed as it was louder than expected. However the 140mm fans are what I was expecting so have ordered the twin pack of the 120mm edition of the high air flow

Had a initial wiring issue but was quickly solved.

Also the BitFenix was louder than I expected but have only tested it when it was mounted to the out side of the case as the clearance between the cpu cooler and top was less than I was expected. Totally my thought for not doing a mockup.

The case is easy to open with only two screws holding the panels together, however the gap between the psu and the front of the case made plugging in cables 'interesting'.

The psu's fan is not in the orientation that I would consider optimal as the labeling of the ports for the cables (SATA, etc) is readable when the fan is placed upwards. I don't feel like attempting to rewire the psu with the fan facing down as I would seem like to much effort for little gain.

The instructions for the cpu cooler were not very helpful as it showed that little black screws were to placed on the bottom for the four mounting screws before being mounted onto the motherboard. In the end I just ignored the small screws.

The only issue that I have the mobo is that there isn't the number of fan slot that I would like (I planed of having five fans 2 front, 1 top, 1 back and cpu cooler) however it only only has slots for three fans. I guess it doesn't matter now due to the capability issue between cpu cooler and the BitFenix fan.

Using cd drive and hard drive from previous desktop which was a pre-built HP machine.

The monitor that I am using is It is so much better than the previous tv screen that I was using. There seems to be only about five or so dead pixles. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be.

The supplier (TechWorld) of the wifi card notified me that the one that I wanted wasn't in stock but there was a newer version using a.c. Which was offered as a no extra cost alternative which was a happy accepted and was quickly delivered.

Recently brought a SteelSeries Rival mouse, like it so far. Software is easy to use.

System so far stable with the CPU CPU 4.2Gz on stock voltage

Plans: To get fibre to home by the end of the decade and then upgrade the router to a.c, go custom water cooling on CPU, change to a proper gaming keyboard.


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