USE: Built this machine over the course of a few years until its present state. It's used for gaming, video rendering and general daily activities.

Problems: The Barracuda died recently but I was lucky enough to have my friend give me one of his he didn't need. My old power supply was dying and I replaced it with my current one in this build. The 4TB HDD seems to be quite noisy when reading/writing. My Z97X Motherboard has died. The RAM slots have all failed simultaneously.

I figured why not just stick this up on here so people can comment and give advice/opinions.

Also, haven't had the chance to properly check out my temps while idling or running a game. What I have there are estimates until I put in proper ones at a later date.

Part Reviews


Used for video rendering and gaming. Quite a beast.


A little overpriced but I got it when I didn't know much better. Still works perfectly.

EDIT: 17/04/2016 - The boards RAM slots seem to have failed. All of them simultaneously. Still in the process of defining the problem but if the board cannot be repaired then I shall purchase a new one from a different brand.


Basic DDR3 1333 RAM. Works great.


Works like a charm and boots up real fast. My BIOS time is 4.5 seconds.


Worked flawlessly for 3 years moving, rendering, gaming and changing many files.


A tad noisy when reading/writing but still a great drive.

Video Card

Never expected to find one this cheap and thought it too good to be true. I now own it and wow this thing is beautiful and amazing. Freaking huge as well.


Not much to say but I love this case. Room for everything.

Power Supply

There's a reason everyone likes these. They're really good.

Optical Drive

Does what it's supposed to.


It's a great monitor for non IPS and the price isn't too bad either.


Holy crap this keyboard is amazing. Used for gaming and general work and each battery it uses (2 triple A's) makes this keyboard last for over 2 years before needing new ones.


The most comfortable mouse I have ever held. Worth every penny. Will always recommend to my friends.


Yeah, I know, they're Turtle Beach's. These have very nice quality sound and their own bass controller. Useful for PC and X360 gaming.


The sound can get a bit muffled when the bass is used too much but other than that they have nice crisp sound for their price.


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DO you know where you got the graphics card? (I live in the U.S. fyi)

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Apparently it is only available from sources outside of the US. Still, research the name