Crazy price, I know! The prices in Portugal are pretty high, and I still tried to get a few of my components during flash sales.

Took me like 4 hours to build my PC, first time doing it. I had to remove my motherboard 3 damn times, first time I forgot my I/O shield, second time to mount the radiator, and a third time to mount the radiator fans ( could've mounted the fans on the radiator first).

Also faced a few problems during boot time. On my first try the CPU LED lighted up, and I went like "Holy ****, I knew this was going to happen, why always me?", after a closer inspection, the CPU Power cable wasn't even connected. On the 2nd try, the RAM LED lighted up, went crazy again, but removing the RAM sticks and placing them once again, but this time pushing it in harder solved it!

Haven't had much time to benchmark my brand new rig yet, because I still need to purchase an Ethernet cable (around 30~40m). Powerline, and wi-fi repeaters are out of question.

My cable management sure is terrible.

Part Reviews


Initially was going with the 6600k, but after checking a few comparison videos mainly in rendering times, I decided to grab this one instead.

CPU Cooler

So far so good, wanted something to keep my CPU nice and cool, will try to overclock it to at least 4.5Ghz. Still not a huge fan of water cooling, hopefully it won't leak


Decent motherboard for the price, should've paid closer attention to how many internal USB2.0 this motherboard had. Sadly it only comes with 1, and I needed at least 2 to plug in my cooler and another one to plug in front 2.0 usb ports. Luckly I have plenty of I/O in the back.


They are sexy and they are cheap.


Just for booting and to run a couple of games and my most used applications.


Mostly to store stuff and a couple of games, and perhaps software

Video Card

Great looking card, I really like it and it's not that big. Sadly it does not have a backplate. a 425€ card without a backplate...


Very good looking case in my opinion and it comes with 5 silent fans, 4x are molex and the other one can be plugged into the motherboard. I don't mind them running at full speed, they are still pretty silent.

Power Supply

People recommended me this PSU for my build, I don't have anything to say about it. Should've saved some more money to grab a modular one I guess..


It was pretty cheap, and it's also a 75Hz monitor. Won't be able to benefit from that FreeSync though... Maybe in a couple of years when I decide to upgrade.


I like mechanical switches, but I don't like how they feel and sound when bottoming out the key. This keyboard is just perfect for me, blue switches sound and mushy feeling from membrane keyboards. Still too expensive for a membrane keyboard.


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Not bad for your first build. Needs some fan rotation and wire management but that will eventually come with time and experience. You kinda overpaid for that SSD but live and learn. +1

  • 34 months ago
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It was about the same price as the Samsung 850 evo, grabbed this one because the evo was sold out. Thanks for the input though, had lots of fun building it.

  • 34 months ago
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Awesome build! Very nice selection of parts, but I personally think that eventually you should switch the SSD with a Samsung 850 Evo, and get a 1440p monitor as well, because that 1070 is more than capable of 60+ FPS at 1440p.


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Thank you very much! I do plan on getting a 850 evo later on, mainly for applications and games, don't think I'll install the OS on it again, too lazy..

Budget wouldn't allow me to spend much more, I think I'll upgrade for a 1080p 144hz instead, probably with G-sync, not yet sure.. G-Sync is so expensive!

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how fast is that ssd?

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You can check its benchmarks here

It's not a very good SSD for the price, but all other SSD's were sold out so I decided to grab this one instead, couldn't wait any longer. I'm rather happy with it, boot times are really fast and copying/pasting big files is really fast in comparison to my old laptop's 5400rpm HDD

  • 29 months ago
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Hi dude, pretty nice build. I have been considering a build with a 1050 Ti and the same monitor, but I have read about poor performance pairing a freesync monitor and a Nvidia GPU. Have you personally found any major performance setbacks?

  • 28 months ago
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No performance issues whatsoever when pairing NVIDIA with Freensync monitor. Just beware that you won't be able to use Freesync with an NVIDIA GPU