CPU: The CPU is the AMD FX-8320 and I have gotten pleasing normal use and gaming use, with 8 cores this thing will take streaming while having two games open, no problem. Overall I am very pleased with the CPU.

CPU Cooler: This cooler is simply amazing, the Corsair h60 is keeping my temps low, nice and cool. (Although I would recommend getting the Corsair h100i).

Motherboard: The Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 is nice for the price, it will get the job done, but I would choose a different one if I could go back.

Memory: I chose the G.Skill Ripjaws series 8gb ddr3-1333 for my memory, primarily for the color and I like G.Skill somewhat, after getting these I am very happy with the performance from mainly gaming, but loading pages is a breeze.

Storage: I use the Seagate barracuda 1tb HDD because it was really good for the price, silent, never heard a peep out of it unless it just boots up. The 160gb one is just an old HDD from an old computer I used before I got the 1tb one.

Video Card: Choosing the Powercolor Radeon r9 270x DEVIL was an awesome decision, it is an amazing card with great results. Here are some fps..... (I used Fraps)

BF4 on Ultra high quality: Max 75fps. Avg. 50fps. Low 30fps

Farcry 3 on Highest quality: Max 65fps. Avg. 40fps Low 25fps

Skyrim on Highest quality: Max 110fps Avg. 70fps Low 60fps

Garrys mod on highest: Max/Avg/low 300fps

Arma 2 on High quality: Max 50fps Avg. 35-40 Low 25fps

Assassins Creed on Highest: Max 80fps Avg. 60fps Low 40fps

Case: The Logisys CS369BK case was an ok decision, I never used the power supply that came with it (for obvious reasons) so I bought a Sentey 725W PSU, the case does not have much space in the back for cable management, and you cannot have a double sized radiator for a cpu water cooler, the design refrains you from doing so. I do like that it has a nice mesh on the front of the case and it is prime for keeping your crap nice and cool.

Optical Drive: I literally have nothing to say here except it works.

Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit), yep.....

Wireless adapter: I actually have the white version of this netgear and so far I am pleased that it gets me a good connection, about 1 megabyte to 5 a second depending on the day its having...

Keyboard and Mouse: The keyboard is clickity clackity but I like it, the mouse fits the hand just fine and it has a nice expensive feel to it. Recommended for budget build.

Headphones: Just get the SLYRS, they are just amazing....(quite a bit of non-modular cables though)

PSU: Highly recommended! This Sentey 725w PSU is just awesome, the thing is super quiet and has never died out on me. I have had it for about 2 months now and is still going strong! (please don't give me crap for getting sentey, it had a 2 year warranty on it)

Logisys 120mm fans: I like these, I did not give the link because they are a bit fidgety, the leds are strong, but the fans themselves are fairly loud. Not loud enough where you would not be able to sleep in the same room as your computer, but its just below the line of annoying.

Thank you for checking out my computer! I hope some of this information will be to your benefit!

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