Was supposed to be a workstation build for my roland Versacamm, but soon turned into a gaming rig with a mini-itx workstation build coming up. Version 2.5 of this build will of course have custom liquid cooling loop, but that's not till mid-late 2015.

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  • 58 months ago
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any reason for replacing the front fans seeing as though they cant be seen?

  • 57 months ago
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Originally because of the poor ventilation of the front fascia of the nzxt H440. The sp fans were a way to create higher positive pressure in the case.

I've since upgraded to a thermaltake ultimate 3.0 360mm rad in the front of the case. The static pressure fans are used in front of the rad and the stock air flow fans are used behind for push/pull. Much better internal airflow and cooling than just using the SP fans alone.