Intro: WOW, first time doing this. I have always wanted to build my own computer and so this really is the computer ofmy dreams. Im really new to this. I know some ins and outs of a computer but overall ima complete Newbie. Any advice, questions, realizations, or comments are gladly appreciated!

Part 1: 5/31 - Parts ordered! I have to run to Micro Center to pick up the CPU and MOBO. 90% of the things will be here on June 3rd. The GPU will take longer since its not 2 day shipping. Any tips for where to look for guides on how to BUILD the actual computer?

Part 2: 6/4 - 90% of the computer is here! I ran an external test, brought a friend over, and slowly put everything into the computer! No it is up and running, the drives are installed, the hard drives have been formatted, and i can start downloading games before i get the GPU tomorrow! I will post pictures of the insides when the GPU comes in!

Part 3: 6/5 - DONE! got The 770, stuck that big boy in, updated all the drivers. Never have i seen video games run so smooth in my entire life. I actually still do not even believe that i can run something like Planetside 2 (which my other computer couldnt run it) on 60+ FPS when everything is set to high. OR Skyrim with everything on ultra and High res texture packs.

Overall: Super amazing. i need more demanding games! recommendations?

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Tips: Clean up your power supply cables. With that huge case, there's no reason why you aren't able to tuck away your cables, especially with a modular psu. You'll improve airflow, limit dust build up and will ultimately boost performance. DO NOT keep the computer on carpet with the psu facing down! You'll suffocate it and damage it. Frying your psu could kill all of your components and you'll be $1000 in the hole. If you keep it on the floor, put a wooden plank underneath (something that will allow for the best airflow). Another concern is your memory. For $10 more, I would have gone with memory that clocks faster and is more for gaming. You probably would have appreciated one of these sets of modules: or

Good luck with building computers. It's a really fun hobby. It's how I found what I want to do for income.

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Thanks for the tips! i immediately moved the case onto a solid piece. I saw those RAM but wasn't quite sure it was necessary. And lastly, yeaaahhh my cabling isn't very good. I intend to clean it up i just wanted to get to playing some games so i rushed it lol.