About time I upgraded my 6 year old pc. Wanted something that would play all the latest games on ultra, be very fast at every day tasks and photo editing.

Initially took me around 3 weeks to spec this out. I wanted best performance for the price, and ideally to keep the price around £800. The part which took the longest to decide on was the case! I really liked the look and reviews of the Fractal Design R4, but I had a huge concern - would air flow be good enough? As the case is primarily advertised as a 'quiet' one - it has sound dampening material all around it. After a lot of researching it seemed like the air flow could still be very good, it isn't like I'm using multiple gpu's anyway!

Build took around 2 hours 30 to complete, most of this was being a little ocd over the cabling! Everything slotted fine. I re-used a 250gb HDD from my previous computer.

Case - is really nice to work with. I took out the middle hard drive rack as I didn't need it - the bottom one housed 3 hard drives, which is the exact number I had. I opted to purchase an extra fan to improve the cooling which I have placed at the front - two for intake. Whole thing looks great, love the minimalist look - I didn't want a load of led fans!

Graphics - couldn't believe how big this card is! 3 fans.. pretty unique. It definitely keeps it cool, not seen it go above 57° under load yet. The gtx 760 is currently the 11th best graphics card money can buy (as of writing). Very high benchmarks, should definitely keep me happy for a few years at least. Comes free with Splinter Cell Blaklist too. I use dual monitors, only a single when gaming.

Processor - i5 4750k. I'm not actually planning on over-clocking, but the 'k' version was only £6 more. I know Haswell is reported to have higher than usual temps, but I can happily report 34° whilst idle. I was considering buying an after-market cooler, but I'm not overclocking, and the temps seem good to me.

Motherboard - again, not planning on overclocking so didn't go for a 'z' series. Very happy with this motherboard, asus make quality ones.

Hard drives - SSD primarily for OS (Windows 7 64bit), 1TB HDD for files, games etc.

PSU - semi-modular so reduces the amount of unnecessary cables. XFX is a reliable quality brand (re-branded Seasonic PSU's).

Overall I am very happy with this build. Boot time is insanely fast thanks to the SSD - 4 seconds from post-bios. Nice!


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How is that motherboard¡? +1