I decided to build a new computer since my last was almost 10 years ago in high school. I didn't want to spend too much money on it but wanted it to last awhile and be good enough for 1080 gaming at decent detail. Tax money came in today so I made a trip to the local MicroCenter.

CPU: Originally wanted AMD, but heard many people claim Intel were faster due to high core clocks. Also the socket is still going strong. I was planning on staying at the 4590, but MicroCenter offered the 4690K for only $40 more and I got $40 off any motherboard, so it was a win-win. I don't plan on overclocking however.

CPU Cooler: Just wanted something cheap and quiet since I don't plan on overclocking. I read reviews that the 212 EVO doesn't fit the best in my case so I went with the TX3. I have no complaints so far.

Motherboard: Its cheap and a mATX board. Don't plan on overclocking so I didn't shell out the money for the Z series.

Memory: Standard cheap memory. MicroCenter gave me $5 off since it was a 'build your own PC' deal.

Video Card: Loved the idea of the power for the price. This was the cheapest card MicroCenter had. Could've found a better deal online, but I was at MicroCenter and was buying the rest of the stuff. I haven't had a chance to get into gaming with the system yet, but I already really like the card.

Case: I wanted something smaller and I found this case. Also, it is foam padded to help with the noise which is nice for when my wife is sleeping. It's a nice case, if I could change anything it would be more space behind the motherboard for cables. I am not a huge stickler for perfect cable management though, especially since this case doesn't have a window. Otherwise everything fits nicely. It also has an SD card reader which is a nice add (especially since I had to install windows with an SD card!).

Power Supply: MicroCenter had a deal on the power supply. It's nice. Wish it was a little more modular.

HDD: Repurposed an old SATA 500GB from my last build for now.

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very nice one!