A while ago I built an r5 2400g based HTPC using the Inwin Chopin case. It worked really well until I started to stream ultra hd blue ray rips. My WiFi network isn’t up to the task of moving all that data between the floors of our house. I also decided that Plex is heading in a direction I don’t necessarily agree with and is putting a lot of good features behind their subscription services. So I decided to build a htpc using kodi and a bigger case to “do it all”

The cpu, mobo, Ram, and SSD are from the Chopin build. The graphics card I had laying around and figured I would throw it in until I can sell it down the road. In the meantime I’ll enjoy 1080p Gaming from the couch.

I got two 4 Tb drives to hold my movies and tv shows on the computer and some games as well. I would have used an m.2 SSD but the air flow is restricted as is and the socket is underneath the mobo. I don’t think it would have ended well.

Truth be told I hate this case I think it looks hideous and the cable management was difficult, especially with four sata peripherals plugged in. I’ll probably put it up for sale and start fresh later on, but for now I’ll enjoy it.

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  • 3 months ago
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Truth be told I hate this case I think it looks hideous

I agree I do not like the case either but you wanted a media center type build and got it. The case thus serves it's purpose - function over form. If having a certain outcome means sacrificing aesthetics, we must do what we must. Really nice PC cases in ITX form with full sized DVD/Blu Ray players are non existent or out of production.

and the cable management was difficult, especially with four sata peripherals plugged in

What did not help is that you decided to install a 2.5" SSD and two 4TB HDD's. You could have ditched the 2.5" SSD in favor of a m.2. 2280 drive which mounts on the motherboard while the 8TB storage could be ontained in one 8TB drive. Only two sata cable vs four counting the DVD player. Full ATX PSU that is non modular will also add to the pain of cable management particularly when half the cables are surplus to requirements. Caveat of full ATX is also full length cables where ideally you get some shorter lengths - less bundling up.

I like the build in principle. What a good idea. Movies and games in one stroke. I now want to build something similar.

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Thanks for the comments, I’ll admit I could have done things a bit different with the hard drives but in the end it worked out. As far as the case I do wish someone would make a nice htpc style case, similar to the new inwin tuc case but with odd support 🧐

M.2 wouldn’t have worked in this case, the socket is on the back of the board so it would get zero airflow. I did use a semi modular atx psu, no way I was going to deal with extra cables.

  • 3 months ago
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This is great! Would you mind me using this build in my presentation on this website? Great build and I love the creativity.

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