I mostly built this machine for gaming and designing apps and games. I went with Intel because....well i'm an Intel die hard fan. I have never had any problems with Intel. To this day my brother still uses a core 2 quad perfectly with the modern AAA games. In my experience and opinion: AMD has always had problems and has never lasted more than 4 years. I wanted something that I could build on a family budget (I have a 3-year old and another girl on the way) that was going to be reliable in the distant future because I had lost faith in the next gen consoles. I have been a Xbox fan since the original but now the X1 (Xbox One) has disappointed me. The X1 will still run games at 720p upscaled to 1080p at 30FPS. That is basically the Xbox 360, which is an insult to gamers at $600. I was very disappointed, which led me to building a desktop again. For $123 more, I am able to run the most popular games at max settings without an issue.

Building it, I had help with a computer veteran with 25 years of experience behind him. I have build computers in the very recent past but I wanted him to do it so I could watch behind him and see if I could learn anything new, which I did. It was a very easy and flawless experience. We had no issues with any hardware at all, and the POST was perfect, nothing extra was needed done. Just build, and go. With the ASRock Z77 Pro4, It came built in with an Overclock feature in the BIOS that allowed a stable 4 Ghz overclock that is still working fine as I am typing this. Simply select "4.0 GHz" from the overclock list and your done, It does the rest for you. There were other higher options, but in my opinion it was unnecessary.

Installing Windows 7 Professional was a breeze and installing the drivers took no time at all. The longest part was actually the Windows Updates and I even had Service Pack One pre-installed! After all the 212 updates, and installing all my software back on here. The machine is running better than I expected. Idle the CPU temp is anywhere from 25 - 30 ° C. I haven't done any bench-marking (Yet!), but I had Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery running (for a broken External 2Tb) Installing 3 games at once, Listening to music through iTunes Match, and decided to try Skyrim at all max settings. The Temp in my case peaked at 45 ° C with my processor at 42° C and my GPU at 40° C.

Overall I would say this has been one of the best experiences I have had with a desktop ever. Even having built $4000 builds I have always ran into problems but this machine has given me none and continues to surprise me with it's stability and power.

If you have made it this far, I appreciate you reading through this, and why not leave me a comment/question/concern or opinion in the bottom. Hate-ful replies will not be replied to. I will check this a few times a day to make sure I can comment back. Thank you for your support and feedback! :D

(Update 1: I will post more details and pictures at a later time after I do more benchmarking and testing on this build)


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Great build for that budget!

You could change the GPU to a 750ti for about 100 bucks cheaper.

Except for that, good build! + 1 from me :)

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Nice build I like how you stayed on a nice budget and got more out of your cpu by OC. +1 from me also you might want to work on cable management a bit