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by riley1382



CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

32.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

52.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

23.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

60.0° C

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Jimmy 10 points 56 months ago

5 Ghz, nice.

likeabaker 6 points 56 months ago

Why are peeps downvoting this? I think it looks fantastic..

efuhr795 2 points 56 months ago

How do you have the monitors plugged in?

riley1382 submitter 1 Build 3 points 56 months ago

center hdmi two sides d-dvi..

Fastmaster7 10 points 56 months ago

I see you like.. ellipses..

Norm101 3 Builds 2 points 56 months ago

How is that keyboard? It looks amazing!

Jimmy 2 points 53 months ago

This may sound a bit late, but what is your ambient temp? Because those temps seem really cold for a single 140mm radiator. I'm looking for a good all in one cooler for the 8350 until I can get a full custom loop set up, and if the Kraken X60 (the dual 140mm) can cool the 8350 at 5 Ghz with an ambient temp of about 72-75F then I won't even set up a custom loop.

DiscGolfer947 1 point 56 months ago

why the dual 660 tis? why not a single 680? Other than that it looks like a nice build.

User4154 10 points 55 months ago

a single 680 performs worse than dual 660s. not even 660 tis.

riley1382 submitter 1 Build 9 points 56 months ago

I already had one from my last build sooo..

DiscGolfer947 2 points 56 months ago

that makes sense then

construction 3 Builds 1 point 56 months ago

Nice build :D

FrankV01 2 Builds 1 point 55 months ago

Trying to understanding overclocking my FX-8350; when you overclocked yours did you only increase the multiplier or did you also increase the voltage?

Also, is it normal to have system instability during the process of over-clocking? Like an occasional fail to boot (where it boot cycles)?

Any info you could provide on your overclocking experience would be great! Thanks.

superchump 1 Build 0 points 55 months ago

Do not touch the voltage if you don't know what you're doing. You could rip a hole in the Space-Time continuum... or just fry your CPU.

FrankV01 2 Builds 2 points 55 months ago

Everyone who has ever tweaked voltage starts out having never done it. I understand the risk and I understand to tweak slowly. I appreciate your advice (and humor) but I'm trying to understand the association of system instability, overclocking and voltage tweaking.

For example, I've read several times that sometimes when a overclocked CPU is not stable, simply increasing the voltage by .005 of a volt can solve the problem.

ouv 1 point 55 months ago

Awesome build, going to be using the CPU, and liquid cooling and overclocking it to 5.0 as well.

JsoN7 1 point 54 months ago

Okay, I'm planning the same build you are, in terms of CPU, Motherboard, 660 Ti SLI and Triple monitor setup, all I want to know is what is the performance like? I'll be playing Crysis 3 and Borderlands 2 as well, among other games, but this should give me a baseline to work with and what to expect. Thanks

User4154 1 point 54 months ago

I think you should've gotten the acer h226 hql bid. Thin bezel(great for triple monitor setup), IPS screen, 5 ms response time, for about $10 less each(not a lot, but I've seen it go as much as $30 less for each at times because of rebates). Other than that, damn.

DragonForge 1 point 39 months ago

I personally would've bought 1 screen, and a Intel i7 Extreme or something. Personal preference though.

Bseagull -1 points 56 months ago

Surprised nobody has asked this yet... Why the sideways motherboard?

riley1382 submitter 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

its how the case is silverstone raven 3 the io panel in on the top.

Oliver 5 Builds -11 points 56 months ago

Why AMD and not Intel (3570K for gaming?)

RazzyFrazz 6 points 56 months ago

At this point, playing with 3 monitors at, I'll assume, high resolutions, the GPUs are taking more of a hit than the CPU. Plus the 8350 Performs on-par with the 3570K in several scenarios. And yes, I know single-core performance is lacking, but games are moving beyond that. Not quite making use of 8-cores, but still using up enough that an 8350 is more than justifiable for gaming. Even more so if the builder is recording, video editing, encoding, and so on. In these instances, it can, in some cases, outperform a 3770K. Sometimes it lags behind a bit, but for ~$100 less, that's perfectly fine.

Smily -3 points 56 months ago

Ehh... 8350 beating a 3570k for some things is possible, but truly beating a 3770k? Nah. Very rarely. And the 3770k uses nearly half of the power. OC'd to 5ghz the 8350 will be nice though.

RazzyFrazz 2 points 56 months ago

It's been shown to beat out a 3770K in a few tests. I never said it always did, just in some instances. It just comes down to the strengths. Plus, you're paying $100 less for something that keeps up with the 3770K, keeps up with the 3570K, and in some cases outperforms. Single-Core, the 3570K and 3770K would beat out the 8350, hands down. But as we progress, more and more cores get used up. Price to Performance ratio on the 8350 is exceptional.

Side note: I'm running off of a 3570K.

User4154 1 point 54 months ago

Especially when next gen consoles come out. PC does benefit from consoles sometimes, you know(though they more often get held back). I mean a cpu intensive game like planetside 2 using 8 cores? Frame rates will jump like 20 fps.

edman545 10 Builds 5 points 56 months ago

Why Nvidia in a build labeled AMD??? I was expecting a 7970. Nice build though, my issue is more with the title.

mecha37 1 Build 2 points 56 months ago

For the processor

Javanode 1 Build 2 points 56 months ago

he had one 660ti from his previous build, figured it from his comment

SeabassVar 1 point 56 months ago

I don't see why intel is any better. I have a 8350 and if you overclock to 4.6 ghz (which isn't hard on a high end build). You get just under the 3770k and there are youtube videos to show evidence.

Smily -3 points 56 months ago

Because of power consumption and single threaded performance. Also, the naming. Intel's naming makes a lot more sense than AMD.

I'd go with Intel, but AMD does have some advantages. They have more cores, but not as much power per core. The price is good, and high clock speeds.

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riley1382 submitter 1 Build 5 points 56 months ago

I dont play bf3 but borderlands 2 and crysis 3 are amazing. It doesnt help the gameplay it just looks nice..

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