This was the first time I've built a PC and used on outside of school and the library, and it was an awesome experience to build it and even better one to use it! I got the idea to build a PC a few months ago when I was looking at the description of a YouTube video (weird way to get inspired to build a PC, I know). After that, I researched so many components and messed up my budget so many times it was countless, but in the end I finally compiled a list. I made this PC mainly for gaming and schoolwork, but I might do the occasional editing and streaming here and there. Everything worked great, and as a first-time builder, I had no problems at all!

Part Reviews


It runs games smoothly along with other programs at the same time, easy to overclock, and overall a perfect CPU for the price (I got it for $190!).


This motherboard was easy with installation and had all the slots/ports I needed. Also, no BIOS update needed!


Fast memory that upholds my PC, what more could I want? Easy installation as well.


I got this SSD last minute because Micro Center didn’t have an MX500, and I’m definitely glad I got this one. I mean, its an NVMe drive thats only $15 more than the MX500 and its still 1 terabyte!

Video Card

Runs games extremely fast and has great performance! Also a great price for a 2070 Super.


This is a great case, and I especially like its RGB strip, but for a first time builder its not the easiest to work with. Also, air flow could be better.

Power Supply

Easy to install, works fine. Its modularity wasn’t a bother at all, and its cables were easy to plug in and work with.

Operating System

Works as it should, not much more I can say here.

Wireless Network Adapter

Had trouble installing and configuring at first, but in the end, works great and helps me out a lot with internet connection.

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  • 2 months ago
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I know its not the best cable management, but I did what I could as a first-time builder.