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PC Build for a Friend

by EvanC12345



Date Published

Dec. 23, 2018

Date Built

Dec. 18, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.6 GHz


I built this parts list and this computer for my friend Bryce, and it was his main Christmas present. His parents paid for the majority of the parts, except the graphics card and the hard drive. (Which saved TONS for the other parts!) Because he already had the hard drive, I was able to squeeze the SanDisk 240GB SSD into the budget, and I don't regret it at all.

We installed Windows 10 on the SSD, and I was amazed how fast it installed compared to my home computer. It took around 5 minutes to fully install Windows and get booted to the main screen.

The 770 is usually a 2GB video card, but somehow his cousin got a 4GB Enthusiast's Edition card, and that also surprised me.

Overall, this PC should be more than enough for him for a long time. The new (ish) Coffee Lake i3 8100 and the GTX 770 is a good combo for quite a while.

Part Reviews


An amazing quad-core for 120$. Great single core performance.


An OK motherboard. Of course, for $59.99, what can you expect. For the price though, it was surprising how good quality it is. Would recommend.


As I've said before. RAM is RAM, and this white and sexy RAM fits any build.


Very fast SSD! The fastest SSD I've tested.


Just a simple 2TB hard drive. Should be faster than a WD Blue.


Very nice looking case. The only problem I had was that the cable management was impossible, but we were rushed to build it so I wasn't worried.

Power Supply

Good power supply. The cables were just soooooo stiff though, and when I had to fold them into place it just felt wrong.

Wireless Network Adapter

Didn't get to test this much, but we plugged it in, downloaded the driver from a seperate computer and flashdrived it over, installed the driver and BOOM! Internet connection!

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