I began to plan this build in December, after Christmas, when my girlfriend's 7-year-old black Macbook began to show serious signs of EOL.

I really wanted to keep it at a budget but there were a few constraints: --It had to be Mini ITX because we live in a small apartment, the PC is in the living room, and we may move at the end of the year. --My girlfriend liked the Prodigy case (we originally planned to build a Hackintosh and the Prodigy is recommended on the Tony Mac website) so that was a lock.

We weren't going to build until April but when Microcenter had a deal for the 4670k + Z87 motherboard, I bit. It wasn't the best deal, but the Gigabyte board has built in Wi-Fi, and with only 1 PCI slot, I think that's an important component.

In retrospect, I might have gone with a different PSU because people seem to be moving away from the Corsair CX series, but I love its semi-modularity for that price.

The AOC monitor is great, too. Beautiful colors, fast response, and super cheap. As you can see from the pictures, a 23 inch would dwarf the desk. 21.5 inches is more than enough screen real estate for us for now. I have the TV hooked up as well to watch movies. It's nice because one of us can work and the other can relax at the same time.

This was my first build, so excuse the cable management. I took these pictures after redoing the cables, actually, and I think this is the best I can do. If I hadn't used a potato to take the pictures, you'd be able to see that it's not that big of a mess in there. The only real obstruction is the H100i tubing. Nearly all the cables fit next to the PSU, which is nice. I loved building in the Prodigy.

It runs really cool, of course, thanks to the H100i, 230mm front fan, and good ventilation. If I had known that the 230mm fan would force the H100i into its current orientation I might have bought a 200mm fan instead, but I don't really care. I can't see inside the computer anyway!


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i love seeing builds in this case! and its a pretty nice build so +1

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Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it.

I am still a little mystified about cable management in the Prodigy. I've looked at so many beautiful builds and I think the way to do it is sleeved cables and extensions.

I had assumed that the H100i would lead to a cleaner look, but with the tubing + fan cables + pump cables + CorsairLink connector it's actually the messiest thing in there.

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Nice build, didn't mention anything about overclocking but I'm guessing you have with that CPU and the watercooling +1

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Thanks! I actually have yet to overclock. Initially I planned to do it straight out of the box but I've been quite happy with the performance I'm getting at the moment. I think I'll starting looking in to it if/when I move to a better GPU than the 760.

In truth, a large reason for the H100i was spatial. I didn't want to have to worry about a massive air cooler not fitting.