I'm currently a student studying programming at uni(and a gamer =D). Just doing a bit of upgrading as my old comp wasn't hold up anymore with my uni work.

CPU: Skylake 6600K is my first overclock CPU and this is going to be a fun experience learning stuff about overclocking. Currently I have it overclock to 4.5GHz at 1.250Vcore for light overclocking since I don't have yet a decent cooler.

Motherboard: I chose the Gigabyte Gaming 7 as I reckon it is the best bang for the buck for its features and capabilities at this price range. Having easily overclocked my CPU with no problem and that awesome aesthetic with the sexy RGB lighting.

RAM: 2666MHz I found was the sweet spot for gaming. Got 2x4GB but gonna get another pair when I need.

Cooler: I went with the Cooler Master D92 as I found it runs cooler and quieter than the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO and it is much smaller (92mm compared to 120mm). However I plan to do a custom loop in the future to help me overclock further as soon I save up for it :)

Graphic Card: This is from my previous computer and I'm just using it again as it is still a very good GPU being able to still run games at high to max settings.

Power Supply: Nothing to say about it but just a very good and reliable power supply and it's modular =)

Case : Sexy =P

Hard Drive: Currently I only have a SSD but will get a 3.5in drive later on when I save up.


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Does the CPU Cooler support LGA1151 socket well? Ive found on some sites that it does not but on the Cooler Master Website it says it does. Thanks

BTW Sexy build and nice cable management job ;P