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Dirty Talk Inc.

by Nurinder


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Date Published

March 24, 2014

Date Built

March 23, 2014

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

27.0° C


Well this is my first ever build and well i decided to go big. My old acer laptop struggled to play minecraft and i needed something powerful for my 3D modelling and gaming at university. I spent the money over 3-4 months and got some amazing deals in the process and the build was scheduled for January 14th (3 days before my 18th!) but instead of building in the phantom 530 i laid my eyes on the H440 and by god did it look like a beautiful case ! It was a tough 2 months staring at all my parts and playing minecraft with terrible graphics but in the end i guess it was worth it ! The individually sleeved cables look pretty cool to. Tower cost:£1060.00

CPU: I decided to go with Intel after only using amd so far and I am pretty impressed. Hopefully it should handle AutoCAD well and give me a few years of decent performance but its eaten everything i've thrown at it for breakfast. Will overclock soon but A-Levels are coming up so may have to wait.

CPU Cooler: This is actually the H80 but PCPP doesn't list it. This was pretty much a breeze to install however after booting up for the first time it reached a idle in bios at 70 degrees ! Yes I kid you not 70 degrees ! A quick google search showed that the molex power cable wasn't very good at supplying power so I grabbed a sata power to molex and hey presto ! It sat at a reasonable 28 degree's. A MASSIVE moment of panic and disaster averted.

Motherboard: Asus has always been a brand to trust and there ROG fitted in nicely with the colour scheme, was between this and the MSI-G65 but the extra features of the Hero pulled me towards it. No regrets so far and the lighting on the far left looks pretty cool.

RAM: Yes I'm sorry I hold my hands up 24GB is pretty overkill but them prices we're far too good to pass, and well more is better right guys ? But this should help with the 3D Modelling so its all good

Storage: SSD are just a must on any high end build and it defiantly lived up to the hype. Just my slight OCD kicking in about the one SSD in the case so another will be brought soon. 120GB is more than enough for now plus a Seagate SSHD just because there a bit faster and quieter than the WD Black

GPU: This was actually recommend by a friend of mine and after abit of research found it was a pretty good card. Everywhere i looked it was £200 until ccl put it up at £160. I jumped straight on it and so far haven't been let down by it. Its fairly quite and looks pretty good with he red black and white colour scheme. My face was pure joy when i could finally play minecraft with he best graphics settings

Case: Was originally planning on the phantom 530 but was showed this case and instantly fell in love. Although the lack of a 5.25 inch bay for a CD Driver was abit annoying the looks and quality of the h440 won me over. You guys in the US are so lucky you got it a month earlier, but after alot of pestering Overclockers it finally arrived. The airflow did worry me at first but there seriously is enough airflow through the case keeping everything cool.

PSU: Originally got this psu because of the colour scheme and saw it for an amazing price on amazon so snapped it up quick. Only realised why it was such a good price when I realised a PCIE cable was missing. Emailed OCZ who sent a whole set of replacement PCIE Cable which was awesome of them. Yes there are all INDIVIDUALLY SLEEVED CABLES and by god it was a pain in the **** An unreal amount of force on the pins, the constant cut up fingers from slipping tools... the burns from using a lighter on the headshrinks. For my first build I think I bit of more than I could chew. However I do think they look real good and well I'm just glad it all booted up.

So that's pretty much it, some RAM heatsinks to make the heatsinkless RAM modules look better (thank god I'm not using an air cooler them fins are massive) NZXT HUE to light it up. Big thanks to the build on here giving me idea's on how to make my pc look good and to my pal who helped me build.

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xChriis 2 points 44 months ago

LOL @ a 7950 for Minecraft. What are you doing, setting off 100x100x100 cubes of nukes in Tekkit? As a suggestion, download Optifine and utilize the multi-core setting. I have an FX-6350 and it makes it shred the game. Like, **** renders in two seconds. On the exaggerated world setting.

Nurinder submitter 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

Ahha slight bragging right over friends weaker cards ;) and downloading BF4 tonight so hopefully get some good FPS on it and cheers for the advice i'll have to research into Optifine

xChriis 2 points 44 months ago

Optifine is just a performance optimizer. It gives you the most out of your hardware.

MertArm 1 point 44 months ago

Love the build, Op. By the way, why did you choose the H80 over the H80i, and how did you get the RHD 7950 for such a low price ($263 USD)? The cheapest one here in America is above $300.

Nurinder submitter 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

Manage to bag the H80 for £45 and the H80i was £70 so though didn't think the 'i' was worth an extra £25 ! And no idea was around Novovember time and CCL Online had the double and single fan options. Surprisingly the single fan option was more expensive but even i was amazed at that price

Every1LoveEvery1 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

I don't know why that crucial ram is making me laugh so hard

Great build!

Nurinder submitter 1 Build 1 point 44 months ago

Crucial RAM was bigtime back in the days ! ;)

cbrown67 1 point 40 months ago

How's that monitor?

Nurinder submitter 1 Build 1 point 40 months ago

Its pretty good monitor to start with but thinking of upgrading but for the price i haven't seen one better !