Helped my brother out with his first build. Got him all the parts for his birthday this May 26. I was looking for budget gaming PC that could chew up 1080p with no problem.

I wish I picked a better case though. I knew that the case would not support more than 300mm of GPU length. So I had to mod it a little bit. Drilling through the rivets wasn't too bad, but it definitely worked. If I add another 290 though it would be a problem. haha.

He plays **** loads of games, so I wanted to get him a pc that could play anything at 1080p maxed out. Turns out this build has not failed at all. The card could run pretty hot since I over clocked the thing(details coming soon). The games are running pretty smooth without any lag (save for the internet) or stuttering.

Will be uploading pictures soon for the build. Hope you guys like it. :)


  • 56 months ago
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very nice build. +1 i am looking to build something similar. nice work trying to fit the GPU in it looks great. cable management it awesome i reckon this could play games at 1440p easy lol

  • 53 months ago
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Thanks! Tell you what, the bracket was a ***** to remove, but it was totally worth it lol. This case was super cheap. Other than the bracket issue, it was a breeze to work in. :) 1440p was smooth in this build. I borrowed another display from a buddy of mine and it was awesome! Thanks for peeping the build! :D peace