I built this game for gaming, and it does what I need it to. The only problem was properly aligning the motherboard in the case, due to IO plate having a foam padding, I ended up removing it and it fit fine.

CPU, RAM, MOBO, SSD, HDD, Case, & PSU - Work great, not a single complaint, excluding what is stated above.

GPU - This is a beast of a card, I run pretty much every game on ultra, no problem, even at 1440p.

Windows 8.1, because windows 8.

Monitor - runs great, even though I play quite a few indie games that don't support 2560 x 1440p.

Keyboard & Mouse - Kinda cheeped out on this section, mainly because this doesn't greatly affect the quality of the gaming experience, and I haven't used anything to fancy prior. Key's are kinda loud, but I usually don't notice with headphones on.

Headphones - Get the job done, and the mic works great. The retractable mic is pretty cool, and the mic itself doesn't pick up any "leaking" noise from what I'm playing.

All and all, a great build, Does what I want it too, even though it's not too flashy.

NOTE I will have the rest of the info filled out, along with more, better quality pictures.

ALSO, I used Newegg and Amazon to order.

Benchmarks unigen valley benchmark (basic edition) 2560 x 1440p @ ultra 8x anti-aliasing 42 average FPS Min 20 High 79 Temps 71*

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Headphones work fine, however the microphone has given out on me, plan on buying a new pair sometime in the near future. Any suggestions?

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That's a beautiful picture of the keyboard, well done. Makes me want to impulse buy it. ;)