This is the successor to my original computer that I built 3 months ago. Needless to say this computer went together much easier than its predecessor which had many DOA's and took about 3 weeks to get working properly.


I got this processor for $100 with a free mobo (which is on my other computer), at micro center on black friday. I have not yet had time to over clock this computer, but I plan on over clocking in the near future. This processor can handle anything that I can throw at it and still ask for more.


 The Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 has more options than i can use for case fan power, USB's and PCI slots. I have previously over clocked this mother board and it has had no issues. On top of great performance as usual from asus the heat sinks look top notch.


I got this ram due to its cheap price at $65 and the fact that it is blue. Other than that nothing special here.


HDD: I got a 1 Tb hard drive so that I never have to worry about running out of space. If I had to buy the hard drive over again I would have gone with a WD.

SSD: I got this SSD a couple months after the initial build to put the OS and a few games on and so far have been blown away with its performance. My boot time is now under 10 sec. So to me the SSD was a enormous improvement over using the traditional failure pron hard drive for booting and a great investment.

Video Card:

 I got the 7770 on sale and I can run all the games I want on it. I have looked at upgrading my GPU to a R9 280 on Cyber Monday but was unable to get one because of people buying them for bit coin mining.  So I will just wait for them to go down in price and get one in the summer.


   I got the Fractal Design R4 for a great deal and have 0 complaints.  The attention to detail is tremendous the case is practically silent and it has great air flow.  I opted to take the Optional drive rack out to improve air flow. I plan on putting in another 140mm fan in the front and I have ordered a set of custom lighting for my case that will make it look prime.  Overall I feel that this case is the best on the market.

Water Cooling:

 When I went to get my liquid cooling I was planning on getting the corsair H80i but they were out of that so I opted for the H100i over the H60i. The liquid cooling was mostly for aesthetics but the performance has been nothing to look down on. I was worried about the fans on the radiator clearing the mobo but they did with no mods to the case.

Final thoughts:

    Extremely happy with this computer. When I first started looking at building computers I never imagined that I would end up building a computer that can perform on the level that it can and look so good at the same time. I have looked at countless builds, read many blogs and have looked through many ads online.

Please comment. Suggestions and critics welcome.


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Nice build! You got some great deals on those parts!

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