Most of these parts were purchased around/before/after black Friday so 90% was on deal. This is my first build and I wanted to go with a white theme but got a white/black theme this time around. I also wanted to have a clean look. PC 1200 cost

CPU: Was gonna go with a normal 3600 but there was a deal cpu+mobo so got 3600x since this is going to be my 1440p-range PC. I found it on special on Awd-it.

Cooler I mainly wanted a white cooler, but amazon had this cpu cooler for only 23 which was a big discount giving almost water cooling performance. I liked that it came with two 2 fan brackets so i can change fans when i want to in future.

Motherboard I had a few options in mind for the Motherboard. I ultimately went with the B450 by MSI over an Asus board, mainly because msi has MAX boards meaning ryzen 3000 ready. The biggest factor that helped me make my decision was tens of videos by youtubers recommending this board. Super nice to build on.

Memory was given to me by a friend so i just ended up using them works great. When I first turned on the computer, the units were running at 2133 Mhz instead of their advertised 3200 Mhz. I had to go to the BIOS and play around with the system to get them up to speed.

Storage nvme for booting and programs, ssd for games, hhd for games,movies,shows,pictures

GPU Since I was going for a white build, I wanted my GPU to have some streaks of this colour. After looking around, white GPUs are very limited. was going to pick a rx 5700xt red devil or sapphire nitro +, but these were not white non of them were. I chose a 2070 super instead ¯_(ツ)_/¯. It was all white, on special, and came with a free game.

Case My three choices for cases were H500i, H700i, and the 275R. I went with the 275R for its flexibility. It was simple and all the reviews were positive. The H700i was way over my budget for this specific build. Everything about the 275R was smooth and clean looking. Heard bad stuff about glass mounting but there is thumb screws not allen screws. Bought case off a family member as price shows.

PSU I purchased a Fully-Modular power supply since it was on special and had very good reviews. It was very affordable and I have no regrets here. The wires were kinda trash especially for the gpu 6+8. Might buy a extenstion for gpu, maybe 24 pin to make it look nicer.

Noctua NF-P14s redux-1500 PWM 78.69 CFM 140 mm: paid full price for them needed powerful 140mm fans for front, cant see them so only performance mattered here

Corsair LL120RGB LED (Three Fans With Lighting Node PRO) 43.25 CFM 120 mm for looks mainly and to increase my fps with rgb.

Monitor was cheap, runs great, no errors/bleeding ect.

Keyboard was cheap, super good to type/game on, but only red lighting

Overall The Installation was very smooth and took me about 1 hour. I did have a couple of hiccups along the way but nothing too big. My biggest problem was that not alot off space to put cable between harddrive tray and psu. So i crammed everything in 1 hdd tray and between the psu, everything is running correctly but it bothers me that they are so close.

EDIT My camera makes corsair fans look blue and super bright they are all white and not as bright as pic shows, only gigabyte logo on gpu is rainbow rest is white.

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"Gaming chair"

I love it

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Nice, good job gamer!

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Where can I buy one of your gaming chairs they look sick!

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point it was part of a set similar to this, chair is over 10 years old so I dont know where it's purchased from, the wood is solid and super sturdy. To find more u could Google folding table 4 chairs