This is just another build of mine where I just reused a case that I liked. More detail and explanation soon!

This particular CPU has been thrown around in a lot off builds of mine, from 2 full atx builds, to a micro-atx build, then to two separate mini-itx builds. This is most likely the last build revision I'll do for this processor. Maybe a video card update but that would be about it.

Regardless though, this CPU that I've had for the past 8ish years has been extremely solid! Mainly used as a mediocre 1080p gaming rig as well as streaming, this bad boy can handle anything (reasonable) I throw at it! On top of that, temperatures are pretty solid as well as a result of the case mod.

Case Mod: Because I knew this case had very little air flow, I knew i wanted to add some sort of modification to it to try and get more air into the components. Lo and behold, I went and cut out two 92mm holes at the bottom of the case and paired it with some slim 92mm noctua fans and fan grills and the cooling improved so much more! This mod was performed about 4 years ago with another build I had in the case, so I don't have the before values sadly.

Part Reviews


Given that this processor is now about 8 years old, it's still super solid and performs well! Temperatures are still low in comparison to some of the more modern processors (paired with a 120 AIO water cooler).

CPU Cooler

Simple and does the job.


Purchased this a while back, but it was still hard to find. Nonetheless, solid little board that performs as well as I need it to be.


No complaints here. Compact and efficient.

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  • 2 months ago
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+1 for the TU100

  • 2 months ago
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NICE and good job with making your own fan slots.