My first build is finally complete!

INTRO: So it all started back in December 2013, when my older brother had built his PC, a modest but competent i5 (I forget the rest) gaming build, in the region of £700. I, of course, felt jealous of such a thing, as all the PC power I had experienced prior were 5 year old <£400 PCs built by my Dad, with <£100 graphics cards and the like, which he claimed could "Take anything you can throw at it". And they did, for a time. Anywho, I felt I could do better so I begun researching, and came across Youtube channels such as Linus Tech Tips, Tek Syndicate, Hardware Canucks and the like, all of which I now avidly watch. These guys all helped me develop my parts list, as did the holy grail of PC websites, PC Part Picker (I mean this database is just awesome!), and also probably tempted me to spend more money than I needed to, but ah what the heck. Speaking of money, I would say this project is what drove me to get my first job, I mean how else was I gonna pay for all this? So when parents say gaming is a waste of time with no prospects...

NAME: Little Boy. Referencing the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Why? Well three reasons. Firstly size. This thing is tiny! So the name was rather fitting IMO. Secondly: Power. This thing has an atomic amount of power under the hood, and like the bomb was a shocking revolution from what I had previously known, aka my Dad's PCs. Thirdly: Me. I'm only 17. I guess I was just trying to think of three things for poetic effect.

SFF: I ended up deciding to build small for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my Mum complained about the prospect of me building a PC, saying "There's no room in your bedroom for a huge metal box" (She's right, there isn't) so I decided to defy expectation with this little baby. Secondly, why not? I'm not going to be doing SLI, nor do I need expansion cards, and many ITX cases like this one have adequate cooling, so I went for it. Thirdly (Poetic effect again, justified this time) I wanted to challenge myself, defy the norm, go beyond what had been achieved before, and pack as much punch as I could into this tiny little space.


CPU: It's the latest i7, and has improved thermals compared to 4770K, which was important. Do I need an i7? Not yet. ;) It's more future-proofing. Not for future content, but for what I might be doing in the next 4+ years, at university. Not OC'd but regularly turbos to 4.4GHz, so I could. Plus it's an i7. It's like a badge of honour really :P

COOLER: It's the biggest thing in the system, and it looks bitchin'! Keeps my temps below 60 most of the time under load, and is perfect for this case, drawing in cool air from the top, and blowing it out the side. Although this thing was in fact so large, I had to be inventive as to how to mount my hard drives, since with cables and all, the drive cage wouldn't fit.

MOBO: It's a fully featured Z97 ITX mobo, has all the features I need and more, and it matches the colour scheme. It also crucially had a good CPU placement, unlike MSI boards, so my cooler can fit (Just) with hitting anything importanty.

RAM: 16GB 1866MHz, Black and White. If I were to do this again, I'd have gone for a dual kit of black, since with all the cables and the cooler you can't see it anyway, and might have gotten XMP profiles etc. Still, performs great, haven't had a problem. I went for 16GB so I wouldn't have to upgrade, as that presents its own unique challenges in this case, i.e. it'd be a pain in the balls.

SSD: Got a decent price on it, and 250GB is all I need right now. I'm told it performs well, and I can testify to that. Boots fairly quickly (Although that's only after the motherboard has spent 15 seconds doing its thing, which is annoying.) EDIT - now it's settled in, and I played about in the bios, it boots in around 15 seconds total, from around 30 new.

HDD: A 3TB pit to throw all my crap into. Need I say more?

GPU: The 970. It improved my benchmarks over the Intel HD by 10 times. It's so fast! As Logan from Tek Syndicate might put it: "It's faster than Jesus, on a rocket-ship, eatin' a pizza. And that's pretty damn fast." It regularly turbos to 1.25 GHz in games, and clocks back to 0.3 when not in use. This thing is gorgeous & rare too! I spent the extra on the "Reference" model for a few reasons. Firstly, it's a blower cooler, so no heat contaminating my case. Secondly, protection against coil whine. Thirdly, it looks so damn good! Sometimes I just sit there and look at it, who needs 4K? :P And is it wrong to stroke your graphics card?

CASE: This little guy looks awesome. In my opinion it was the best laid out case for this form factor, and had adequate cooling potential, and looked sweet! That was it really. There's something really nice about having a solid cm thick plate of aluminium on the front of your case for some reason. Also, the power button has a satisfying k-clunk to it when pressed :D My only gripe is the top USB is slightly slanted. Not exactly worth the RMA though.

PSU: Can power supplies be cute? I think this thing qualifies as cute. 600W of power, 80+ Gold, Fully Modular; sells itself really. I needed this size since it came with short cables (Very short for the 24 pin, only just reached) and would allow me a long graphics card, which is why I chose this case over the SG05 anyway. And the fan has a zero RPM mode which I like. Comes with an ATX adapter, although it leaves it hanging in mid-air which is a little concerning. The short & taught 24 pin cable suspends it however.

OPTICAL DRIVE: Most people don't have them, but I like to have it there. I have used it loads, for instance putting old games on like Age of Empires 1 (That thing really taxes my GPU :P ), and also for backing up box-sets onto my hard drive. Slot loading drives just seem so cool.

OS: Win 8.1 Pro. I get a discount as a student. My brother did try to get me a free copy from Uni, but to no avail. I also forgot Win 8 had no start button, so installed Start Is Back, which is great!

KEYBOARD: This thing is lovely! Just feels so nice to type on, and the keys are really nicely finished. I'm ashamed to say I scratched one or two of the keys slightly when carrying it around in my bag, which shows up when back-lit. Maybe I could touch it up with some paint; got a case for it now though.

SPEAKERS: Got them as a Christmas present, and they sound lovely! Especially with the better-than-average on-board sound. The fact that they're bigger than my PC makes me chuckle though.

MONITOR: Unlisted, it's an old, crappy 1600x900 monitor that I found lying around the house. Going to eventually upgrade to a 1440p monitor. I'd go 4K, but I don't think my PC could handle it, and 4K has a number of issues so... yeah.

EDIT Got a new monitor for my birthday. A very nice 1440p monitor. All my games run really well on it >60FPS. A nice pixel density, so plenty of room etc. In terms of the BenQ specifically, it is a very solidly built monitor, has swivel features and Vesa. The colours when set to SRGB mode are very nice. I can't really fault it. Only annoying thing is I bought it for £300 and the price dropped by £30 after I bought it. :P The price is constantly fluctuating. Ah well.


So yes, for the past 6 months I've been draining my bank account on RAM, CPU and GPU expenditures etc, and started work building in December. The SG08 is slightly challenging to build in, but that comes with building this small. The trickiest thing here was cable management, I mean there's nowhere for the cables to hide. I did my best, it's ok. I did have to get a low-profile USB 3.0 adapter though as the standard one is huge (Seriously, why the huge cable gauge?) so didn't fit beneath the cooler. The cooler caused a lot of issues actually. Firstly, the bottom fan only just went in. The clips are just there for the sake of my OCD. The fan is jammed in there, required a firm amount of force, and isn't coming out again... ever. The hard drive cage didn't fit back in either. It so nearly did, but it didn't. I could've messed around with the cooler orientation, but once it was mounted I didn't want to have to take it off, so I went for a ghetto affair, with Velcro. It's just to stop it moving left to right; gravity, and being clamped down by the tight 24 pin cable, does the rest. It serves also to dampen the noise slightly, although it is still audible over my cooler at idle. It also looks nice upside down, being matte black as a pose to ugly silver. It does also get rather warm, which was something I hadn't considered, but since it sits above the PSU and there is no airflow at all... so I've resorted to an external 120mm fan standing adjacent to the case when things get warm; unfortunately there is no room to mount a fan inside, with the PSU cables and all. The rest is shown in the pictures really.



Ice Storm: 165,554

Cloud Gate: 26,974

Sky Diver: 25,304

Firestrike: 9,616

Firestrike Extreme: 4,798

Firestrike Ultra: 2,414

CONCLUSION: Sorry if that was a bit long, but it was a year's worth of work, so I feel you owe me 10 minutes :P. Overall I'm very happy! It handles everything I can reasonably throw at it (Actually this time Dad ;) ) and keeps fairly cool under load, and considering what is inside, not too shabby for the price. I mean most Apple customers waste that kind of cash on a Mac (Tssst, apply cold water...), so I thought I may as well put it towards a good cause instead. I think I've achieved everything I set out to, and hope this blog helps anyone wanting to use these components, or simply build small. If I were to do this build again however, I'd probably build an ATX system. The expandability and ease to build in, plus the comfort-of-mind for temps and so on, is just nice. And Fractal do some really nice cases. In time, maybe I will. For now though, I have some quests to do. Ciao.

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  • 65 months ago
  • 3 points

That is a cute little computer, great job cramming everything in there!

  • 65 months ago
  • 3 points

a tiny, cute monster. love it +1

  • 65 months ago
  • 3 points

I got halfway through your description and already knew you were getting a +1 :) Fantastic job! Your Firestrike score is more than double mine....(4719 with an HD 7870 and i5-4430)

  • 65 months ago
  • 1 point

Cheers :)

  • 65 months ago
  • 1 point

Me gusta.

  • 62 months ago
  • 1 point

How is the monitor? I am looking for a 1440p monitor but I don't have a lot of money to spend on like the ROG swfit, so the BenQ might be my cheapest choice. Please tell me what you think about it.

  • 62 months ago
  • 2 points

It's a very nice monitor. All my games run really well on it >60FPS. A nice pixel density, so plenty of room etc. In terms of the BenQ specifically, it is a very solidly built monitor, has swivel features and Vesa. The colours when set to RGB mode are very nice. I can't really fault it, other than maybe the ROG has some more features that I personally wouldn't really use. Only annoying thing is I bought it for £300 and the price dropped by £30 after I bought it. :P The price is constantly fluctuating so you can check here to know when to buy. It is a monitor that will serve you well for a very long time. Another option that I considered was the selection of Korean monitors on Ebay, that run around £220-£280. They are basically made from Samsung and Apple panels that didn't quite make the cut for some reason, but for all intents and purposes are great. It might be a faff getting it into the country, and paying import tax, but it might be worth the £50 odd saving to you, and you would still get a quality 1440p monitor. Although build quality might not be on par with the BenQ.

  • 60 months ago
  • 1 point

This is actually one of my favourite builds ive seen on here, so tiny! And from a fellow brit of course :) +1 once I saw the first pic

  • 53 months ago
  • 1 point

How's the monitor?

  • 65 months ago
  • 0 points

WOW. It's so tiny +1

[comment deleted]
  • 64 months ago
  • 2 points

My setup is a little cramped atm. When I've sorted it out I'll post some pics, but that'll be closer to July.