About time I shared my very first build from 2015. I built this gaming rig (which was relatively high-end at the time) to play GTA V and other AAA games with max settings at 1080p 60fps.

Since then, it's given me many hours of entertainment on several games with not a single problem.

Part Reviews


No problems! I opted for this version of the CPU as I was hoping to overclock at some point, but haven't quite gotten round to it.

CPU Cooler

Quite tricky to install, but worth the hassle. Looks gorgeous, and is super quiet!


Great MoBo to work with. Plenty of space to maneuver when building, and the BIOS is fine. Love the colour scheme too!


Cheapest 2x4GB RAM I could find at the time and a bonus for matching the colour scheme I was going for.


My first exposure to SSDs. My jaw was on the floor when I saw how fast Windows booted up!


Cheapest 2TB HDD I could find at the time - no issues, and nowhere near full after all these years!

Video Card

Lovely looking card, and performs great! Gets a little hot when playing demanding games for long, but no issues. Still gives me 1080p @ 60fps on all my games.


Gorgeous case, dream to work with. Plenty of openings for easy cable management, love the brushed aluminium finish on the front and the blue LED on the power button. Dust extraction is great too making it easy to clean.

Power Supply

Black. Understated. Modular. No complaints!


Awesome monitor with thin bezels, plenty of USB ports, display port, more HDMI ports than I need. Great colours and overall performance!


Keyboard is fine, mouse didn't last very long. Both look great though!


Great mouse, very responsive. Love the option of adding extra weight to it.

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  • 3 months ago
  • 2 points

Looks great! Job well done!

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks man!